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Make the fashion statement of the shift with our chic collection of medical accessories. We offer dainty earrings and necklaces, bold watches, funky badge reels, books, and even some cool equipment. Go bold or go home!
Your uniform is complete, from head to toe, but you need something that’ll push it over the top. So how about some glitzy jewelry that’s sure to keep all eyes on you? Or a bright pink stethoscope where the unexpected pop of color silently shows off your true personality? Keychains and bags, organizers and tools; you can browse our accessories section for the perfect piece that’ll turn your run-of-the-mill scrubs getup into something sensational! In addition to making a fashion statement, many of the accessories you’ll find serve the dual purpose of making your professional life easier, by offering conveniences such as coordination and technology. For example, our watches all feature a seconds-hand, enabling you to achieve precision when taking a patient’s vitals. With the right accessories, looking fabulous and performing your very best becomes easy as 1-2-3!
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