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Adar Scrubs & Nursing Uniforms

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Elevate your workwear with Adar Scrubs. Super cool, super comfortable, and loads of those little details that make Adar scrubs into the ones you want to wear. A well known scrub company since 1971, Adar Medical Uniforms just knows medical scrubs. They know what you need in terms of pockets, the know what you need in terms of comfort and and they know how to make the scrubs as durable as you need them.

Adar Scrubs: Tailored Collections for Healthcare Professionals

Adar Medical Uniforms offers a variety of collections to help all those in Healthcare find the scrubs that work best for them. Adar believes that every medical professional should have gear that's not only stylish and affordable, but also keeps up with a demanding career.

Check out their lines below:
Adar Universal: A full line of Durbale Basics and Classic Styles with Everyday Value

Adar Addition: This collection is full of some awesome high-performance scrubs with super 4-way stretch. Add some wrinkle and odor resistance and you have the scrubs of your dreams!

Adar Pro: Adar's premium line comes with superior detailing, luxurious soft fabric and cutting edge comfort. The sophisticated detailing throughout will definitely make your scrubs stand out from the pack.

Sivvan: This is where you will find all your basics at the most affordable prices.

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