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Welcome to Barco One Scrubs, a new line of nursing uniforms from the well-known Barco brand, a name you already know and trust. Crafted with arctech, a breakthrough, high-performance fabric technology, this line of innovative and great looking medical scrubs are crafted with recycled and sustainable materials. You will not only look and feel great in these scrubs, you will feel good about what you are wearing and the impact on the environment.
All the right details are in all the right places with this mix and match line of nursing scrubs, crafted with hard-working medical professionals in mind. Barco One offers scrub pants, tops, jackets and tees all in modern designs with four way stretch so you can move throughout your day with ease and confidence. Breathable and ultra-lightweight, you will be as comfortable as possible as well as worry free thanks to soil release material with moisture wicking properties to keep you cool and professional at all times. Choose Barco One to craft a singular look that brings you to new levels of comfort and confidence beautifully.
Have a question regarding the fit, style or features on a particular scrub? Contact our friendly sales staff by logging in to a live chat or calling us at 888.56.SCRUBS and they will be happy to assist you!
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