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Barco Women's Cargo Pants

Browse our selection of Barco cargo pants for women, and discover some super comfy, practical nursing scrubs in every color you can imagine. Whether you love the color lilac, are obsessed with aqua tones, or have been strictly ordered to only show up to shifts in green nursing scrubs, Barco has stylish scrub pants that will strike your fancy, and follow your workplace’s color code. And, of course, these aren’t just any Barco women’s scrub pants; these are Barco scrub pants with cargo pockets! But actually, that isn’t all these scrub pants have to offer. Some of these cargo scrub pants feature drawstring waists, others come with vents at the bottom hem, so that you can move about easily and quickly, and then we even have scrub pants with knit waists! Whether your priority is comfort, practicality, color or style, you’ll find just what you need in this fabulous selection of women’s cargo scrub pants from Barco Uniforms.

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