16 Nursing Blogs You NEED To Read

Dare I say it? Blogs are my guilty pleasure. The good ones, obviously! And I’m not alone in that sentiment. According to WordPress, the most popular blogging platform, over 409 million (!) people view more than 14.5 billion (!!) pages each month. In the United States alone, there are an estimated 31 million bloggers. Talk about strength in numbers!  People view blogs as online journals, which in a certain respect they are. Blogging, however, is in fact an art, and only the great ones will make it on the big bad web. Here to take the guesswork out of figuring out which nurse related blogs are worth your spare (or not so spare in most cases!) time, is our comprehensive list of the most informative, supportive, and creative nursing blogs.

1. The Nursing Site Blog by Kathy Quan

Read some of Kathy Quan’s blog posts, and you’ll see exactly why she made it onto our list. Her writing is inspired by over 30 years of experience in the nursing field,  and while she admits to being the ‘older’ nurse, trust us when we say, she offers career support and guidance the likes of which you will not receive from the new nurses on the block. As an added bonus, her posts are engaging and a pleasure to read!

2.  Rehab RN by RehabNurse

RehabNurse is just that; a rehabilitation nurse. Her blog is chock full of relevant humor and offers a light hearted angle to all the numerous issues that can (and will!) arise on the job. Every now and then she will even try and teach you a thing or two; humor withstanding! Her most recent piece of advice? Go get smashed. In other words, make sure to take a yearly mammogram!

3. Tales of a School Zoned Nurse by Mrs. Nurse

You know you’d love a behind the scenes peek at what truly goes on at your child’s school, and with this wonderful portrayal of the life of a school nurse, you can. Children are complex creatures, and courtesy of Mrs. Nurse, you’ll hear all about the funny, the heartrending, and most importantly, the gratifying. Delivered in a clever and relatable manner, this blog is a serious must read!

4. Living Sublime Wellness by Elizabeth ‘Coach’ Scala

According to her very own self, Elizabeth Scala is a ‘rehabilitated Negative Nurse Nancy.’ And she wouldn’t mind doing a number on you as well! Her blog is jam packed with relaxation techniques, stress relief tips, and words of encouragement.  If you’re a nurse or even a nursing student looking to reevaluate your current perspective in order to achieve an inner wellbeing, you’ve come to the right place!

5. At Your Cervix by AtYourCervix

Hmmm, what could this blog possibly be about? Seriously speaking though, this blog is super popular. A Certified Nurse Midwife claims authorship and does a phenomenal job of taking the reader on her journey. She’s not shy about voicing her opinions and covers topics ranging from schooling to catching babies, and from midwifery conferences to breastfeeding. Incredibly entertaining and oh so informative, this is a must follow for nurses and moms alike!

6. Head Nurse by Jo

Nursing humor is, well…it’s got a certain rap out there, and this blog takes that ‘rap’ to a whole other level. Cynical, sarcastic, and downright hilarious, be prepared to turn shades of red out of sheer embarrassment for this pretty much anonymous genius. Her recent antics have involved soaking a hog’s skull in a peroxide solution, so that should give you a feel for what the rest of the blog looks like. Seeking a bit of comic relief after a grueling shift? This stop is yours.

7. Madness: Tales of an Emergency Room Nurse by girlvet

It’s all in the title! This blog documents the emergency room madness experienced by girlvet, a veteran nurse in an inner city ER. Never one to bore, girlvet keeps up a running commentary that runs the gamut from hard-to-believe-that-ever-happened stories to ER room statistics (not the uninteresting kind; don’t worry!). Beneath all that wit, though, you detect a sensitive soul who truly cares for the oftentimes crazy people she treats.

8. Codeblog: Tales of a Nurse by Gina

Gina’s blog is genuine! Her posts are enlightening, filled with a passion for what she does, and come on the heels of 15 years of nursing experience. What truly sets her apart, though, is her inclusion of stories from other nurses, doctors, paramedics, and even patients. She wholeheartedly believes that everyone has a tale worth telling and she’s willing to tell it for you. This blog makes you feel all fuzzy and warm inside; make sure you’re following it.

9. EDnurseasauras, Still in the Trenches by EDnurseasauras

Thirty eight years as an ER nurse has led EDnurseasauras to believe she’s old enough to hail from the period when dinosaurs roamed the earth. Whatever her age, though, we don’t care, because her humor is spot on. EDnurseasauras is a skilled writer and her posts contain random musings, hilarious anecdotes, and even interesting tidbits of information. Did you know that LOL used to stand for Little Old Lady. In healthcare, that is. Head on over to this blog to find out more!

10. Not Nurse Ratched by Not Nurse Ratched

If you can’t tell, Not Nurse Ratched is NOT Nurse Ratched, author of the wildly popular yet unfortunately retired nursing blog. She is a one of a kind individual, who channels the skills and oftentimes bizarre and random information she derived from ten years of editing medical journals, into writing this super entertaining blog. She doesn’t just cover nursing topics, though. You’ll find technology, humor, medicine, how-to tutorials, and most importantly, cute animal pictures. A guaranteed winner!

11. The Days When I’m Not a Nurse by Anna

Get up close and personal with Anna, a nurse, and her husband Mo. Started as a means of keeping her busy on off days, Anna surprised herself and her husband by keeping this blog up. It gives off a very sincere and authentic vibe, and discusses everything from her marriage (she LOVES married life!), to her hobbies, to her education, and scrubs (duh!). Mo even makes a guest appearance from time to time. It’s definitely a fun read!

12. The NP Mom by Brett Badgley Snodgrass

Wife, mother, and family nurse practitioner specializing in family practice, pain management, and palliative care, Brett is the consummate blogger. She covers a host of clinical topics, including but not limited to allergies, antibiotics, coughs and colds. Always professional and always in the know, this is the perfect health resource for other nurses and common folk alike.

13. Highway Hypodermics by Epstein LaRue

Life on the road; what’s that like? Epi, a traveling nurse and four time published author, loves the adventure that comes along with her occupation, and as a veteran traveler, wants to help you, the newbie, navigate the winding roads (no pun intended; promise!) of travel nursing. Get  to know the ins and outs of the field by reading some of Epi’s  tips, advice, and inspiration. Epi will even keep you up to date on where she is in the world. Fun, fun!

14. Don’t Curse the Nurse by Susan Bartlett

Support, support, support! No nurse can survive the rigors of nursing without support; and Susan knows that. Her blog is a place where fellow nurses can express their opinions, share stories, educate, and inspire. You’ll read about the patient who’s been through hell and back and sadly smile when you find that all she wants is to visit Disney World; you’ll hear about the veterans that enter the hospital and about their hats, which they will not remove and which represent everything they’ve been through. Spiced with humor as well, this blog is truly a wonderful read!

15Travel Nurse Aim by Amy Robbins

Amy Robbins is a traveling nurse, a wife, and a mom to four beautiful children. Lucky for her, her family loves traveling as well! Amy isn’t shy and shares stories about life on the road, suggests her tried and true tips, and offers practical advice for other travel nurses. Should you take that housing stipend or have your agency find you a place instead? Good question, huh? Follow this blog and you’ll find out soon enough!

16. Nursetopia by Joni Watson

Joni subtitles her blog, ‘A Random Stream of Consciousness About Nursing and the World We Impact.” That about neatly sums up this blog. Stories, news, humor, advice, friendly tips; you name it, it’s there. And of course, it’s all nursing related. It’s superbly written and a pleasant, easy read. Go and add it to your blogroll right now!

There you have it! The perfect nursing blogroll courtesy of your friends at MSC:)

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