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5 Things Every Nurse Needs to Have On Hand

by | Jul 8, 2014 | Healthy & Happy, Nurse Reads | 0 comments

5 things nurses need on handIf you think this blog is going to be all about what you need in your nurse purse, guess again! We know that things-nurses-need blogs are plentiful and need no additional mentioning. So we’ll be focusing on what we love to talk about – the unspoken.

Another name for Nurses may as well be Selfless. Agree? It’s all about others. Giving to the debilitated. Serving the sick. Go ahead and read all those blog articles about what nurses need in their scrub pockets and bags and tell me if any of them mention anything you need to have at work for yourself, the nurse. Not so fast! Oh yeah, they’re sure to mention what you need to deal with your patients, like the good old stethoscope, a brain book, a pen light etc., but they lack what you need to have at work for you. So besides for the obvious never ending list of medical necessities you ought to have, there are 5 small items that will take YOU, not your patients, through your shift.

1)      A Bit of Cash

Sometimes you need that coffee, snack or even that sinful candy to get you over the edge of your shift. Having a few extra dollars on hand will make this run easy, quick and accessible for you. So you can take care of yourself while taking care of others.

2)      Extra Hair Tie or Clip

Even your best shift can quickly go bad if that elastic hair tie snaps. Or if that stubborn piece of hair or bang refuses to sit where it’s supposed to. Keep an extra hair tie, bobby bin or clip handy so that when this does happen, you are prepared and frustration free.

3)      Gum

Gum just seems to be the answer to everything. It’ll keep you feeling fresh until the end of your shift and satiated when you just wish you can be eating dinner. When in doubt, pop a piece of gum!

4)      Lip Balm

It feels nice to give my lips a little slab of extra attention when I feel depleted! This brief gesture of self-care delivers a bit of restoration. Use color tinted chap stick to look great too.

5)      Gentleness

This one takes up no pocket room whatsoever but may as well be the most important item on this list. Be kind to yourself! Forgive yourself for that med mistake or charting blunder (after you own up, of course). Even the best nurses make mistakes; we are all human. That body of yours is physically and emotionally giving it all it’s got. Give yourself what you need; listen to your body when time permits. There are no excuses not to have even a little bit of “Vitamin G”!

Is there anything vital you think we missed? What are the most important items you need to manage throughout your shift? Drop us a line below, we’d love to hear!


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