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Accessory Idea! Stud Earrings and Medical Scrubs

by | Aug 22, 2013 | Accessorize It! | 0 comments

carhartt top bow earrings2I know I’m not the only one who has a bone of contention to pick with management about the restrictions on jewelry at the workplace. One of the few things the stuffy suits do allow virtually everywhere is small earrings, either studs or just off the ear. Get creative with the few allowances you are given!

Check out these awesome stud earrings from! Titled “You bow what I want” they have a vintage feel, but they can go with any medical scrubs, and will work especially well with the standard blues and greens so common to the medical world. As Modcloth describes them, they “flaunt both a sweet mint hue, and a bold bow shape. With their eye-catching pop of color and oversized shape, these adorable accessories fit your style to a T.”

I love that these bow earrings soften your look and add that touch of femininity in an understated way. You can pair them with virtually any scrub, but the color works especially well with a set of scrubs by Carhartt, Flex 4-Pocket Y-Neck C1102. In the color Marina your earrings will be perfectly complemented. To sweeten the deal, this Carhartt top has the perfect seams and detailing for the feminine figure. Do away with the notion that Carhartt scrubs are only for men! This scrub top has topstitching detail, a banded v-neck, front yoke, and two patch pockets, one of which is a double pocket, along with a chest pocket and clean lines. If you have blue eyes no one will be able to miss them with this combo of minty blue scrubs and earrings!



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