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All In The Color: Arizona Muse and Amber Scrubs

by | Dec 2, 2013 | Celeb Inspired Threads, Grey's Anatomy Scrubs | 0 comments

arizona muse


She’s young and has quite the fierce look too! Currently on the cover of Australia’s Vogue December 2013 issue, Arizona Muse shows off her piercing blue eyes. And this is not too long after she was featured on Chinas Vogue March 2013 cover. Arizona also has a contract with Estée Lauder for this year. She’s pretty darn busy modeling and it’s not difficult to understand why!

Arizona Muse has the visage and bod of many who would die for it. High cheekbones, defined jaws and chin are just a few of her features that are outstandingly perfect. Standing at 5′ 10″, model Arizona was practically born to be one. And with a name like hers, it makes too much sense. Star quality much?

Yeah, we may not all be able to achieve Arizona Muse’s look without spending thousands on plastic surgery, but no fear – there is hope! Recently Arizona was wearing a brilliant burnt orange wool coat when she arrived at the Burberry Prorsum Spring / Summer 2014 show in London, England. And we don’t use the word brilliant lightly. So super simple, yet swanky at the same time. With just a dash of detail the thigh-length, wool coat is magnificent.

Want Arizona Muses fashion look? Easy as 1,2,3. Just purchase these Grey’s Anatomy scrubs in their new Fall color Amber. It’s that simple. And just in case you like a more detailed look, the new color Amber is available in a few different styles.


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