An Ode To Our Military Nurses

Soldier And Doctor Shaking Hands With Flag On Background - Unite

Although I’m super busy, one thing I won’t miss is the annual July 4th fireworks. That’s my way of showing my patriotism. And I pay full taxes, too. Now that’s TWO ways of showing my loyalty as a US citizen!

Yet, I know I don’t come anywhere near what other US citizens are doing for our great country. We live in the land of the free and home of the brave, where soldiers are willing to risk their lives for our nation, leaving family, friends and everything familiar behind as they travel to dangerous locations, where terror abounds.

What happens when medical attention is needed? Well, that’s what military nurses are there for. So, yes, our military nurses trek to foreign territory, with one goal: To help our men and women in uniform.

These dedicated army nurses wear the same scrubs as all nurses do, sometimes. But not always. Keep in mind that these heroes are members of the military, so they oftentimes wear ACU’s, same as their fellow combat officers. It all depends on what their commanding officer decides they should wear. Army fatigues or scrubs? He decides.

Let’s salute these patriotic nurses who are putting their lives on the line for our wounded and ill soldiers, working right alongside military personnel in war zones. Whether they are treating severe life-threatening injuries, such as gunshot wounds or lost limbs, or caring for veterans and their families during times of peace, they deserve our approbation for bravely serving our country!

Thousands have served in the Nurse Corps of the U.S. Army. Many of them have worked in war zones, where they demonstrated extraordinary courage and heroism. Their dedication and skill helped save the lives of tens of thousands of Americans and made the Nurse Corps an essential part of the US military.

As we celebrate our independence on this 4th of July, let’s give a round of applause to our amazingly devoted and courageous US army nurses, who are there for our soldiers as they fearlessly safeguard our great country!

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