Animal Print and Celebs Latest Trends

Animal print is all the rage now, in case you haven’t heard. Just everything is animal print. Even LMFAO couldn’t resist the urge to sing the words “This is how I roll, animal print, pants outta control’ in their song ‘Sexy and I Know It’.  From leopard print handbags and shoes, to zebra print skirts and cheetah print jackets – the selection is endless. I have even seen leopard print feather earrings!  Not sure if I would wear those myself, but they definitely looked cool and oh-so-trendy.

The cool thing about animal print is that it matches very well with mostly all colors! Leopard print can be worn with red, orange, blue, green, yellow, purple…it’s limitless. So if you just buy yourself a reasonably priced pair of leopard print shoes you’ll look sassy and put together with whatever you are wearing.

Cherokee Flexibles 2988C Leopard Print Top
Cherokee Flexibles 2988C Leopard Print Top

We love how the Kardashians model their chic leopard print clothing. Well of course, Kim’s strapless leopard dress looks super hot on her. That doesn’t underestimate how sexy Khloe looks in her wrap dress! Apparently, you can even bring leopard print to your business meetings. Kourtney is wearing a leopard print blazer, with a gorgeous silky top and coordinating cream bottoms.  We say, that’s definitely the way to rock animal print!

Ever thought of leopard print scrubs? We sure did. We have a large selection of leopard print scrubs on our website. We also think the Cherokee 2988C scrub top was the most similar to that of the Kardashians. So if you don’t own an animal print scrub top yet, you better get rollin’!

Let us know what you think about animal print clothing. How about accessories? Earrings? We’d love to hear what you think.

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