Bella Bares All

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Bella Hadid

So the Met Gala happened. And as it turns out, Anna Wintour has got a really good thing going! Are you aware that the Met Gala is officially a black tie affair held the first Monday of every May for the sole purpose of raising money for the Costume Institute; or in layman’s terms, the fashion department? Exactly- it’s a wispy bit of information floating through the dusty parts of your brain where you host unimportant information. The facts you are aware of?? It’s a star studded, themed fashion event, dubbed the Oscars of the East Coast, in which celebrities and the who’s-who in the fashion world pose on an elaborate red carpet put out on the steps leading up to the Met! Oh, and did I mention that a ticket costs $30,000 apiece. Can someone say cha-ching?

The key word here is ‘theme,’ and to put it mildly, this year’s was…well…interesting; Rei Kawakubo/Comme des Garcons: Art of the In-between. Wait, what?!? Ms. Kawakubo is a 74 year old Japanese designer whose label Comme des Garcons has been challenging fashion conventions since its establishment in 1969. According to her, clothing need not be flattering, in fact it need not even have armholes. And yes, she has sent models down her runway in such pieces. So when invited to such an event do you take the theme literally, do you interpret it your own way, or do you completely disregard it and wear whatever breathtaking design your heart, and your designer, desires?? Which was exactly my dilemma when choosing who to feature for this post. I could’ve gone all Rihanna on you since she showed up in one of Ms. Kawakubo’s avante garde pieces. I also could’ve gone the J. Lo route; gorgeous, normal, Valentino gown and all. But I chose Bella Hadid, the very happy medium:)

This was quite the challenging theme for the likes of Bella Hadid at the Met Gala. I mean, her brand is founded on straight up hotness. So how to interpret a theme which basically says don’t bother looking pretty is tough. But she nailed it in her insane, glittering, Alexander Wang body/catsuit. It was audacious and downright daring which is enough of an homage to Ms. Kawakubo in my humble opinion. And it was HOT… Let’s just say Bella left little to the imagination in her curve hugging, scoop back one piece. It was made of a lacy mesh with all over beading and embroidery that- get this- continued all the way down and over her stilettos for a completely seamless look. And fun fact. She was actually sewn into her ensemble! She sported a delicate, smoky eye, dark red nails, gorgeous diamond cuffs on her wrists by Bulgari, and a fresh from that morning, blunt bob. All hail Queen Bella!

For my dear, darling, fashion loving nurses, I have something a bit tamer in mind, but still along the same lines as Bella’s bodysuit. I bring you the Cherokee Flexible V-neck Knit Panel top in Dots So Simple. It’s got that mesh look going on, it’s black, and it’s sharp as anything. Need I say more? Pair with any of your favorite black scrub pants, paint your nails red, chop off a few inches, and off you go. On theme? No, ‘cuz you’ll be looking ‘normal.’ But Bella Hadid inspired? Yesiree!


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