Blake in Black and White

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You half expected her to show up in a bikini, didn’t you?? Well, despite the fact that Blake Lively (aka, my girl crush) practically lives in her swimwear for the majority of her latest film, The Shallows, she showed up to the NYC premiere looking all sorts of G-L-A-M!! Her new movie is THE summer thriller, and if you haven’t seen it yet, then shoo- get off my page, and head to your nearest theater! It features the absolutely gorgeous Blake Lively, as med student Nancy Adams, who heads off to a magnificent and secluded island in order to try and find some consolation after the death of her mother. While surfing alone, she’s attacked by a great white shark and is forced to swim to a nearby rock for safety. Injured and terribly frightened, Nancy is forced to fight for her life as the shark relentlessly circles her.

Now that I have your complete attention, let’s switch gears and talk about Blake’s fabulous dress. It’s a custom Carolina Herrera gown that features a black leather bodice, offset by a white, semi sheer tulle skirt that boasts an exquisite floral applique. What I love about this jaw dropping look is that it’s got a message. It successfully conveys fierce and feminine all in one. In fact, it’s kinda like girl power in a dress. Love!

Blake accessorized with an amazing Christian Louboutin clutch that unfortunately didn’t make it into the picture, and oversized jewels by the one and only Lorraine Schwartz. The clincher? The earrings she wore to her premiere graced the very ears of-bow down- Queen Bey!! Beyonce wore this exact pair to the CFDA’s. So yes, that does in fact make Blake Lively royalty in my books. Her greatest accessory, though, was her glow. Her pregnancy glow, that is! Say what? Yup, under all those incredible layers of tulle, Blake was sporting quite the prominent baby bump. Couldn’t tell from her flawless ensemble? Me neither. And yes, that is a tiny hint of resentment you hear in my tone!

The Landau Pleated Stylized Neck Top is what you need in your closet right now if you want to give off a ‘Blake Lively At Her Shallows Premiere’ vibe. Black and white? Check. Floral Applique? Check. Beyonce’s earrings? Ummmm. We get a pass on that one. You can, however, pull your hair up into a high, slicked back pony like Blake. Not only is it perfectly on trend, but it is perfectly workplace acceptable for all you nurses who need to keep your luscious locks away from…everything. Pair this fab top with a great pair of slimming, black scrub bottoms and you will be looking on fleek, girl! See you at the movies for round 2!

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