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Blurred Lines? Robin Thicke and Scrubs

by | Jan 3, 2014 | Celeb Inspired Threads, Cherokee Workwear | 0 comments

Robin Thicke


If I think back to this past summer, I think ‘Blurred Lines’. And indeed, many have named it the song of the summer! What was it? Maybe Pharell featured on the track? The catchy tune? Perhaps. Maybe Robin’s risqué music video on Vevo that got a over a million views on YouTube within the first day? Most likely. Controversial video you may say, as he is a married man. Robin Thicke however, begs to differ. His wife Paula Patton reportedly gave him full permission to record the flirtatious music video.

Well, whatever it is, he did something right! Robin Thicke and gorgeous wife Paula, still seem to be in the honeymoon phase of their marriage some 8 years later. In the photo above, they are all smiles. Paula’s flashing a brilliant white smile and Robin is sporting his signature you-know-what’s. (Sunglasses, of course!) What caught our attention was- no, not Paula’s dress – Robin’s top. Yes, it’s awesome! Casual, simple, and the perfect guy color. Grey is a manly color which is actually very fashionable right now. It’s great how Robin paired the casual top together with a more dressy blazer, balancing the two – perfect ensemble.

Go get ’em male health care professionals! We know there are so few scrub options for the guys out there. The Cherokee Workwear 4780 men’s scrub top is for you guys! This scrub, along with many other men’s scrubs are available in the contemporary grey color. Oh, and they’re affordable too. You’re not going to spend $35 dollars on these guys, we can tell you that much. Not with us at least.

Murses, how do you wear your scrubs? Any specific color or brand you prefer to wear? How about color-blocking – would you mix and match? We’d love to hear what you have to say.


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