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Bold and Beautiful: Mindy Kaling

by | Nov 15, 2013 | Celeb Inspired Threads, Urbane Scrubs | 0 comments

mindy kaling


Just looking at a picture of Mindy Kaling makes me laugh. Absolutely love her sense of humor! Her sense of style is also stupendous. Seriously. There are blogs about her outfits. Ok, I consider that cool.

Mindy Kaling is bold. It’s not like she’s a size 0. And she flaunts it! She wears her clothes with pride and sexiness. Actress Mindy is constantly making an unspoken statement that thin isn’t the only beautiful. Along with Mindy are a few other celebrities that bring that point across. And kudos to them! We think bold and beautiful would be a great way to summarize Mindy.

In her hilariously funny TV series “The Mindy Project”, Mindy Kaling is constantly writing comedy about her weight. And as a hopelessly romantic OB/GYN, she is dressed to kill; much like her everyday attire. Except when she’s in scrubs – she’s still sassy, but not quite as well dressed…

How do you like the colors light blue and green together? Never seen it? Mindy has! She brought this unbelievable color coordination recently. And bring it she did! A straight, fitted sky blue dress with a round neck and 3/4 length sleeves did the job. She wore it with a sea green belt of a few inches. Simple, yet somehow striking.

If you love Mindy Kaling’s combo as much as we do, you can get just as much fashion in the Urbane 9534 scrub top shown above. Yup, its sky blue with sea green piping. Hard to believe, but it is here!


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