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Bring It To Scrubs: Leather Fashion Trend

by | Nov 22, 2013 | Celeb Inspired Threads, Smitten Scrubs | 0 comments



Emma Roberts definitely had an in into stardom. As the daughter of actor Eric Roberts and niece of Julia Roberts, it seems like there just wasn’t that much work she had to do to get into the glamorous world showbiz. That doesn’t take away from the fact that her acting skills are superb! Have you seen We’re the Millers and American Horror Story this year? I mean she was just fabulous! Not to mention her singing. Oh, and her perfect modelling capabilities! Seems like she got it all.

Recently when Emma Roberts was in the Big Apple, she was spotted by paparazzi in black leather get-up. Hot would be an understatement! You know as well as I do that leather is just the rage now and superstar Emma took it to a whole new level.  She wore a strapless, fitted black leather top which slightly flared out at her waist. Paired with chic black bottoms and awesome leopard pumps, she looked oh so shall we say – magnetic?

I know what you’re thinking – ‘Scrubs can’t be that fashionable! I mean, the leather? That’s just for weekends when I don’t wear scrubs.’  Well, you’re in for a real surprise! Cuz Smitten Scrubs are ahead of the game. Smitten Scrubs prides themselves on delivering perfection to those who love to rock their style in and out of work. They are the source for funky, up-to-date, and sassy scrubs.

Leave it up to Smitten Scrubs to have a mock-leather scrub top! It’s a full out leather style top with some cool detail to boot. Would I be rash to say it puts Emma Roberts leather top to shame? Not so much.

How does the black leather top feel to you? Fearless enough to wear it to work? Let us know what you think in the comments below.


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