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Calling All Guys: Scrub Tips Just For You

by | Jun 9, 2014 | Celeb Inspired Threads, Landau Scrubs | 0 comments



Guys – this one is for you. I know what you’re thinking, “Fashion tips for men? I’ll pass.” But hey, potato sacks should not be worn by anyone – and that includes scrub wearers of the male gender. So if you’re still reading, just read on. You’ll be happy you did. Promise.

Some guys wear scrubs and some guys well, rock scrubs. I have seen both and rocking scrubs undoubtedly gets the most favorable votes. You don’t have to get all stylish or freaky to rock scrubs, just don’t look like you’re swimming in cloth. That’s all! Simple? We think yes.

The key to looking great in scrubs is to buy scrubs that have a fit and are not just slabs of material sewn together at the sides. Don’t get overwhelmed, we’ll show you three easy ways to determine which scrubs have a fit and which don’t.

1. Stay away from Unisex

Go for men’s scrubs as opposed to unisex scrubs! Unisex scrubs are intended for both genders so it’s kind of obvious that it’s not specifically made for men. Yet somehow, this is the most common reason scrubs look floppy. Unisex scrubs will not fit perfectly well for a typical man’s body shape.

2. More Seams

When looking for scrubs, you want to see some sort of yoke in the shoulder, upper back or chest area of the scrubs. Basically, a scrub top with more seams than just the two seams at each side of the scrub is what you’re looking for.

3.  Check the Sleeves

Additionally, scrubs that have large sleeve holes or lots of material in the underarm are a no-go. In the healthcare world, you definitely want room to move your arms extensively, but a sleeve that looks like it is a continuation from the waist will just make you look baggy.

Told you it would be easy! It’s about to get even easier. Some scrubs are known to be well-fitted and these will definitely have you gentleman feeling put-together. The new Grey’s Anatomy men’s top is a total upgrade. Cherokee Workwear Stretch and Landau Scrubs have brilliant scrub tops for dudes too. Check ’em out and let us know what you think!

Keanu Reeves had us inspired with the colors of his suit. Go khaki scrubs for the full polished look!


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