• Jennifer Garner Goes Raisin Colored!

    This year’s fall colors are absolutely gorgeous! Red, rust orange, hunter green and raisin are but a few. These colors speak warmth, comfort and beauty. What more can we ask for? What’s also cool about this seasons colors is that it compliments most everyone. Deeper colors are bound to flatter any figure. It’s interesting that each color can bring out something beautiful in every person. Be it green eyes, darker skin, pink cheeks, or […]

  • Elizabeth Hurley & Breast Cancer Awareness

    It’s Breast Cancer Awareness month. If all the ribbons and pink is supposed to make us more aware of breast cancer, it did its job for me! This year, I have actually taken some time to see what the disease is all about. I saw what the statistics are, how to be pro-active, and how to take care of myself. I also downloaded the early detection app, which tells me when my next exam […]

  • Vanessa Hudgens and Cherokee Runway Scrubs

    I would have loved to be at the Beverly Hills hotel on August 15th. Celebs, smiles and glam is what went down there! Superstars for Hope honored Make-A-Wish in Beverly Hills that night and the brightest stars attended to show their support. Oh and boy did they show! Vanessa Hudgens made her big entrance in a bronze, green and black Temperley London beautifully detailed dress. Her ombre hair was fashionably tied up in a […]

  • Heidi Klum & Flexibles Scrub Top

    I know, I can’t either believe it. America’s Got Talent is over! AGT Fans know the competition was stiff at the end. It seems like the contestants really gave it their all but you know how it is – they can’t all win. However, I do think the judges win every time. All four judges brought their own grace, energy, beauty and definitely fashion to the table. Which in my opinion, never failed. Nick […]

  • Polka Dots! Disney Scrubs and a Disney Party Dress

        Leah Remini has been making headlines lately for many reasons. Her decision to compete on Season 17 of Dancing with the Stars and her recent split from the church of Scientology have been generating tons of buzz, emphasized by the fact that she’s willing to tell all. Stating that she lost many friends in the process, Leah is being applauded by many for her decision to leave the controversial church, and she’s […]

  • Bold and Embroidered: Red Scrubs

        Kris Jenner, matriarch of the Kardashian clan, seems to have stumbled upon the ageless potion that everyone else is still seeking. Known as a ‘momager’ who has brought in millions for her girls through their reality TV show, Kris has recently launched her own talk show, “The Kris Show,” and is going strong. At a recent interview with Mario Lopez and Maria Menounos at The Grove to promote her new show, Kris […]

  • Nick Cannon Bringing Color Back to Scrubs for Men

      American Idol, X Factor, The Voice… The list of reality tv shows on the air is endless, as are the many hits and misses. What has been surprising to many has been the rise in popularity of talent show American’s Got Talent, hosted by the likable Nick Cannon. While the competitions are billed to be about finding true talent, let’s not kid ourselves, a large draw that causes people to tune in is […]

  • Jennifer Aniston and Mary Engelbreit Scrubs

    If you haven’t yet watched the movie “We’re The Millers”, you should! It’s a side splitting, hilariously funny movie starring Jennifer Aniston. A ‘family’ travels to Mexico to smuggle drugs back into the United States for reward of thousands of dollars to split amongst the four of them. From a fake baby, a spider bite you-know-where, overheated RV, to comical romance – this is by all means a must watch movie. It’s always good […]

  • Ariana Grande at the VMAs & Runway Scrubs

    Ready to go down the runway just like Ariana Grande? This Cherokee Runway scrub stop is superbly similar to the dazzling dress Nickelodeon star Ariana Grande wore to the Video Music Awards 2013, just last week. If you’ve watched the VMA’s, you’ve seen Ariana Grande perform songs for the first time from her album “The Way”. Her performance was spot on and she sure knew how to own that stage! The 20 year old […]

  • Autumn Alert: Hunter Green

    We know you’re sneaking glances at the latest tabloid from under a pile of discharge paperwork, but that’s ok, don’t we all have guilty pleasures? At Medical Scrubs Collection we get a special enjoyment from seeing stars on the red carpet in designs that inspire some of our medical scrub uniforms! Selena Gomez wowed at this year’s Teen Choice awards in a tight hunter green dress with revealing slits up the sides and strategic […]

  • Lea Michelle and Her Notched Neck Dress

    It’s blue. It’s detailed. It’s Lea Michele. This dress just screams detail. Lea Michele’s dress is all one color – a gorgeous sky blue – but the detail is far from universal. Sometimes when you have one-colored dress it can look bland, even boring. That’s why when shopping for clothes, make sure your one-color, solid dresses have added detail so that you can have the fashion and personality too. Lea’s outfit shown above, looks […]

  • Color Blocking and Side Panel Scrubs

    Online shopping and I – we’re best friends. True story. I just love checking out the sales and new seasons styles! And as a bonus, it’s crazy cool how cheap clothing get at the end of the season. Additionally, most websites offer free shipping over a certain order amount. I just can’t help but think ‘who doesn’t love to take advantage of all these fab coupons and promotions?’. Once I’m online, I do my […]

  • Square Necks, Superstars and Scrubs

    Be there, be square. That’s what nursing is about. One minute late and you’re busted! Squares are balanced. Straight lines – grounding, stabilizing, predictable, and dependable. They can also be rigid and stifling. For the most part though, they are comforting and structured. Ain’t that what nursing is all about? Giving those patients a sense of stability through the difficult times, eh? And as a nurse you’ll feel comforted by the structure the square […]

  • Dare to Compare: Mock Wrap Tops

    Hey, hey! You’ll never believe this new fashion tip! Have you ever tried a wrap scrub top? They seem to cropping out of everywhere; all scrub makers are doing the wrap style now. It’s because wraps are arguably the most flattering style for dresses and tops on the market. It’s the world’s hottest go-to style! What’s awesome about the wrap is the way it cinches at the waist. That makes for figure flattering apparel […]

  • Emerald – Color of the Year!

    The color Emerald has been named the color of the year by Pantone. “Lively, radiant and lush green,” is how they described it. We think it’s a nice color too. Do you? Since the color of the year has been named, at the end of last year, celebrities have been seen wearing that glorious green color – emerald. From Beyoncé’s simple but big emerald stud earrings at The 2013 Inauguration, to gorgeous silky evening […]

  • Animal Print and Celebs Latest Trends

    Animal print is all the rage now, in case you haven’t heard. Just everything is animal print. Even LMFAO couldn’t resist the urge to sing the words “This is how I roll, animal print, pants outta control’ in their song ‘Sexy and I Know It’.  From leopard print handbags and shoes, to zebra print skirts and cheetah print jackets – the selection is endless. I have even seen leopard print feather earrings!  Not sure […]

  • Hello Kitty Scrubs and Celebs Latest Trends

    For some reason we think scrubs have to be boxy, fashionless, shapeless, and tasteless. Uh uh, no more. Lately, the scrubs world is moving towards more figure flattering, sexy scrubs in a wide array of styles as well as the latest seasonal colors. Think you can’t look hot at work? Think again. We at Medical Scrubs Collection are devoted to getting nurses to look attractive at work too. So here’s our new feature: Dare […]

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