• Dare to Compare: Mock Wrap Tops

    Hey, hey! You’ll never believe this new fashion tip! Have you ever tried a wrap scrub top? They seem to cropping out of everywhere; all scrub makers are doing the wrap style now. It’s because wraps are arguably the most flattering style for dresses and tops on the market. It’s the world’s hottest go-to style! What’s awesome about the wrap is the way it cinches at the waist. That makes for figure flattering apparel […]

  • How To: Look Great with a Minimal Amount of Makeup

    As nurses you need to uphold certain standards, one of which includes makeup that resembles your natural appearance. The understanding behind this is you need to uphold a modest persona, one that was established years ago and continues today. By now you’ve realized that in this profession you end up  interacting with various people from all different walks of life. With little or no makeup you should surely be able to relate to them […]

  • Emerald – Color of the Year!

    The color Emerald has been named the color of the year by Pantone. “Lively, radiant and lush green,” is how they described it. We think it’s a nice color too. Do you? Since the color of the year has been named, at the end of last year, celebrities have been seen wearing that glorious green color – emerald. From Beyoncé’s simple but big emerald stud earrings at The 2013 Inauguration, to gorgeous silky evening […]

  • Animal Print and Celebs Latest Trends

    Animal print is all the rage now, in case you haven’t heard. Just everything is animal print. Even LMFAO couldn’t resist the urge to sing the words “This is how I roll, animal print, pants outta control’ in their song ‘Sexy and I Know It’.  From leopard print handbags and shoes, to zebra print skirts and cheetah print jackets – the selection is endless. I have even seen leopard print feather earrings!  Not sure […]

  • How To: Get Enough Sleep When Working the Night Shift

    Catching zzz’s and working night shifts seem like an oxymoron. Working night shifts are very confusing, tiring, and disorienting especially if it’s new for you. If you are on the night shift schedule, you need to ensure that your sleeping habits are providing enough resting hours so that you can be fully functional at work. Here are a few tips to help you get through your day of rest: Leave work as soon as […]

  • How To: Style your Hair for Nurses on the Go

    We’re sure you can agree that as nurses, you are really busy! You are always on the move because rushing from patient to patient is part of your job. Each shift is so hectic, that performing patient care without taking into consideration the state of your hair is sometimes the order of the day. Wouldn’t it be great if your hair just always looked perfect? Here are some hairstyle ideas that are easy to […]

  • How To: Choose the Right Scrub Styles for your Body Shape

    Being comfortable while you work is a factor which contributes greatly to your overall output. But looking great is important too! This is why, as a medical professional, you need to ensure that your uniform suits you, both in the capacity of your job and your body type. When shopping for scrubs, pay close attention to your selections in relation to your height, body type and complexion or hair color. A tall person, in […]

  • Hello Kitty Scrubs and Celebs Latest Trends

    For some reason we think scrubs have to be boxy, fashionless, shapeless, and tasteless. Uh uh, no more. Lately, the scrubs world is moving towards more figure flattering, sexy scrubs in a wide array of styles as well as the latest seasonal colors. Think you can’t look hot at work? Think again. We at Medical Scrubs Collection are devoted to getting nurses to look attractive at work too. So here’s our new feature: Dare […]

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