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Color Blocking and Side Panel Scrubs

by | Aug 6, 2013 | Celeb Inspired Threads, Cherokee Flexibles | 0 comments

Side Panels


Online shopping and I – we’re best friends. True story. I just love checking out the sales and new seasons styles! And as a bonus, it’s crazy cool how cheap clothing get at the end of the season. Additionally, most websites offer free shipping over a certain order amount. I just can’t help but think ‘who doesn’t love to take advantage of all these fab coupons and promotions?’. Once I’m online, I do my best to only shop sales and I end up saving so much money.

So while I was surfing the net last week, I came across this beautiful dress on Nordstrom’s website. The dress is manufactured by Donna Morgan and the colors are classy white and black with the trendy color-block look. I absolutely love the black side panels! It fashionably contours the hourglass figure and really makes the dress all that more attractive. And ooh la la – the back features a black long, chic zipper until approximately the hip area.

Almost instantly I thought of a scrub top that is super similar to this ritzy dress on Nordstrom’s website! It’s the Cherokee Flexibles 2874 scrub top by Cherokee Scrubs. As you can see, it’s got black side panels which by the way are actually made of stretch fabric. So fad aside, this scrub is ridiculously comfy too.

Seems like this side panel look just hit the runway! I mean, if you haven’t noticed color-block is everywhere. Latest fashion much.

Make a statement in the health care world. Show ’em that scrubs can be flashy and hot! Trash the old, big, uncomfy scrubs and strut in with the classy, sharp scrubs. Bring it on, girl!

We think this scrub top is comparable to the glam color-block dress Nordstrom is selling this season. We dare you to compare! What do you think? Let us know.


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