Color Me Coral

peach halterIf not for the brutal cold, I’d probably say February is one of my favorite months. And no, it’s not because that’s when my birthday so happens to fall out, but because it’s movie awards season. All that glamour and high end fashion is enough to make any girly-girl swoon. The culmination of it all, as I’m sure you know, are the Academy Awards, and there’s one person in particular who deserves a standing ovation, not just for her opening performance with Neil Patrick Harris and Jack Black, but for her red carpet look! Yup, it’s the one and only, Anna Kendrick.

Twilight alum and star of Pitch Perfect, Anna has definitely made her mark on the world of acting. There was also that highly acclaimed film- Into the Woods- you’ve heard of it, haven’t you?? Yeah, so Anna starred in it, and turns out it got 3 ( I repeat, 3!) nominations at the 2015 Oscars. Anna has also become somewhat of a style icon, and I think the dress she wore a few nights ago definitely solidifies that notion.

So you saw the picture up top, now let me provide you with the deets. Anna chose a coral Thakoon gown which boasts a dazzling, jeweled collar; the highlight of this showstopper, in my humble opinion. What truly fascinates me, though, is the fact that this dress is simple and understated, yet so glamorous at the same time. Perhaps the glamour lies within the simplicity. (That’s just me being deep for a moment there!)

Now for the grand scrub top reveal; the piece that’ll nab you a whole bunch of, ‘Hey, that looks just like what Anna Kendrick wore to the Oscars,’ comments. Dum-da-dum! It’s the Grey’s Anatomy Active ( a relatively new line, btw- for all you GA lovers out there) 3 Pocket Round Neck Mesh Top in Fizz/Moonstruck. Gorgeous coral color? Check. Jeweled collar? Ummmm, not exactly jeweled; but take a look at that pewter trim at the neckline. Looks almost like Anna’s collar! Might I also mention that it could be Anna’s makeup artist, Vanessa Scali, had you nurses in mind when she did Anna’s face. Vanessa gave Anna’s skin a nude and dewy look, and used a light, matte color on her lips; a look you can easily wear on shift.

While I’m happy to have shared all this with you, I must admit that I am rather sad that awards season is now over. At least it went out with a bang!

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