Corona Conundrums

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Doctor and nurse in hospital with protective clothing for corona

I thought that finding content last month for our monthly Dare to Compare rendezvous was difficult. Ha! This month, it’s like trying to pull teeth. Hollywood’s rich and famous are simply not there. There are no airports to snap them in, no red carpets to get that perfect shot… even a simple grocery run, which is just about the only place you may find a celebrity, is a gloves and mask affair. And then it hit me like a ton of bricks! Celebrity has taken on an entirely new definition amid the Covid-19 pandemic. Celebrity is no longer defined by how many followers you have on Instagram, or the amount of money in your bank account, or even how successful an actor or singer you are. A celebrity today is any single person battling this invisible enemy on the front lines. In other words, YOU, dear nurse! And that’s when I had my second epiphany…

If everyday we aspire to dress like the who’s who of pop culture, today we are ALL (celebrity or not!) dressing like the healthcare workers who are the true celebrities of 2020. That’s right my friends; pj’s and loungewear are the new formal wear and business chic. Medical scrubs?? Yeah, that’s as close to pajamas any work uniform will ever get. So to all you doctors and nurses out there, whether you choose to wear your ever so functional Cherokee Workwear sets, or whether you choose to spice it up with the sleek styles the multiple Grey’s Anatomy lines are popular for, know this… You need to rock those scrubs as if you’ve been invited to a high profile event. Why? Because the whole world has chosen to look TOWARD you these days and LIKE you!

THANK YOU! THANK YOU! THANK YOU! For all that you’ve sacrificed and continue to sacrifice on the daily, to help the rest of the world stay safe! God bless you all!

P.S. Hopefully, we’ll be back to regular programming next month:)


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