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Dressed for Success

by | Feb 11, 2019 | Nurse Reads, Scrub Brands | 0 comments

Barco One

Which profession requires you to walk miles per day, indoors?

If you guessed nursing, you got it right! According to a study published in MedSurg Nursing, nurses walk over four miles per shift, nearly double the amount a regular girl would walk per day.
Now, that’s great for exercise purposes, but it can be rather tiresome to jog around for nearly twelve hours straight. Especially during night shift!
One thing that can make your rigorous workday just a bit easier is to wear scrubs that are designed specifically to increase your overall wellbeing. Options of nursing uniforms that will achieve just that are offered by Barco One Wellness Scrubs.
Barco Wellness Scrubs are the premier apparel for today’s nurses; they care for you while you take care of others. They’re infused with rejuvenating bio-minerals that keep you feeling vibrant and ready to complete your tasks efficiently and competently.
Ever heard of thermo-regulating technology? That’s what makes these nursing scrubs feel so cool when the weather’s hot, and it also helps you stay cozy through the cold. Yes, these have thermo-regulating technology; that means they can retain or release heat, depending on the temperature!
And, in case you ever do get sweaty, not to worry; odor control to the rescue. The odor control component on these medical uniforms has been scientifically tested, and proven to work! It’ll allow you to feel clean and fresh, and help you retain a professional impression.
Designed by the experts at Barco Nursing Uniforms, these scrubs dry quickly, have a soil release component, and feature roomy pockets. They also offer a slight stretch that allows for flexibility of movement. Yes, these scrubs are really practical; they’re just how today’s nurses need their uniforms to be.
And they’re sleek, modern, and professional, too! These scrubs are well-tailored and fit flatteringly. They’re available in several colors; you can pick the one you love most!


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