Elizabeth Hurley & Breast Cancer Awareness

It’s Breast Cancer Awareness month. If all the ribbons and pink is supposed to make us more aware of breast cancer, it did its job for me! This year, I have actually taken some time to see what the disease is all about. I saw what the statistics are, how to be pro-active, and how to take care of myself. I also downloaded the early detection app, which tells me when my next exam should be scheduled for and how and when to do self-exams. Most people actually do know that breast cancer exists, but there are many that don’t know about the disease and how they can be a part of the early detection planners.

It’s a good thing awareness of breast cancer is being spread everywhere. It’s a disease people think they won’t actually get but one in eight women are likely to get it in their lifetime! While I wish the statistics weren’t true, we gotta be ready for reality. Reality may be harsh yet less harsh if we are all able to detect the disease early when it is the most curable.

Model and actress Elizabeth Hurley has been big in supporting Breast Cancer Awareness through Esteé Lauder’s “Elizabeth Pink” makeup line. Hurley’s grandmother passed away from breast cancer and Elizabeth has been an advocate since then. She has also shown her support through other venues such as “The Hot Pink Party” for the Breast Cancer Research Foundation.

And that is why you will always be able to find photos of Elizabeth Hurley modeling sexy pink dresses with some sort of connection to breast cancer awareness. In the picture above, gorgeous Elizabeth can be seen with a gold ribbon broach to show where her support lies.

Join the fight – show your support by wearing breast cancer awareness scrubs, be a part of the early detectors, and spread the knowledge you know!

*The scrub top shown is a Breast Cancer Awareness embroidered Dickies EDS scrub top.

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