Floral & Flair Versus Solid & Square

Funny how fashion trends work. Prints used to be so out. Like so super out. Just a few years ago we were living by the saying ‘the more simple and plain the outfit, the better’. Now however, prints and frills are making a grand comeback! Perhaps the reason why fads keep coming back ‘round is because of the freshness the style offers on its return. Or maybe the logic behind styles doing an encore years later, is because there’a not much to work with, so you gotta just keep reviving old styles. Eh, who really cares – colorful, fun prints are in and that just makes me so happy!

For those of us who have the sheer luxury of walking through the mall, it’s refreshing to have all sorts of vibrant prints and bright colors spring right at you! I’m sure y’all have seen the prints everywhere even if you may be chronically working 12 hours shifts and sleeping the other 12 hours of the day. Oh, you haven’t had time to see even just that, you say? Okay, we’ll show you then. So for starters there’s chevron print, damask print, and of course the all-time favorite floral prints!

English actress Gugu Mbatha Raw, wore a subtle but fabulously colorful floral dress in March of this year. She completely rocked this new floral trend! The pink and green print looked fabulous on her skin tone, wouldn’t you agree? And the Cherokee runway floral scrub top is undebatably a match.

So now you see for yourselves ladies, prints are everywhere – Hollywood, the malls, and they are slowly creeping into the hospital halls. Yes, nurses and doctors are starting to put prints back on! Be of the first to wear hot new scrub prints on your floor.

Are you wearing printed scrubs yet? If so, which prints do you prefer – geometric of floral? Sound off in the comment below!

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