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Gift List: Nurse Edition

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New Year's Medical Flatlay With Pills, Gift Box, Stethoscope, Bl

‘Tis the season of joy and cheer!! 2020 is on its way out and a vaccine(!!!) has been introduced, making the world seem just a bit brighter these days. Plus, Christmas; family, friends (yes… social distanced!), and of course GIFTS!! I mean, who couldn’t use a gift right now?? Sure, budgets are tight, and credit cards are just about maxed out for much of the population, but gifts need not be extravagant to be appreciated by those you feel deserve your love! And quite honestly, who in 2020 deserves your love as much as your nurse friend, mom/dad, sister/brother, daughter/son etc. I mean nurses were and continue to remain on the Covid frontlines! Lucky for you, here at Medical Scrubs Collection, we make gift giving simple. We’ve got great selection, great prices and even greater customer service😊 Quick; let me give you some last minute ideas!


Accessories are fun, accessories are useful, and accessories are that little something that make even the most difficult gift recipients go, ‘Ooooh, I love it!’ You can go high end with a Littmann stethoscope, but hey, it’s 2020, I won’t even go there. An accessories pocket though, is oh so handy and oh so affordable! It literally turns your pocket into a wallet with all its slide in pockets and key ring. Plus, it includes a Lister bandage scissor, a 3-color pen, and a disposable pen light. Cute headbands are a great option as well, and so are funky, comfy socks. In fact, we’ve got an entire section of our website devoted to accessories. Check it out!


I know, I know, it’s hard to know what size to buy or even what to buy when it comes to medical scrubs for someone else. But let me make this easy for you. Our brand new line of Worked In medical scrubs are exclusive to MSC and are guaranteed to check off every criteria for even the pickiest scrubs wearer. They are high end, extremely comfortable, very well made, and yes, practical as well. These scrubs come in an array of styles, colors and sizes, and can even be bought as a set. In fact, my personal favorite is the scalloped scrub set. It’s a beautiful, feminine design that is wearable as well. Remember, nurses work 12-hour shifts… whatever they wear, must survive that! Oh, and if you have any questions about sizing, give us a holler and someone will be happy to assist you. And in the event the sizing still doesn’t work out for your loved one; no worries, we will happily exchange it!

Gift Cards:

I feel like gift cards get a bad rap. Y’know, people classify it as the ‘cop out’ gift. Kind of like, you didn’t want to put thought or effort into a gift so you bought a gift card. But honestly; gift cards are one of the greatest gift inventions of all time! You need not worry that the recipient has it already, or whether he/she will like it, whether it fits the recipient etc. It’s actually the perfect gift! In short, I stand by the gift card and even encourage you to gift a gift card! An MSC one, of course😊

Happy gifting and happy holidays, all you lovely people!!


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