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Go, Yoga Pants!

by | Sep 6, 2018 | Nurse Reads | 0 comments

yoga scrub pants

Comfort is king in 2018, and that’s true for nurses, too. Just like professionals spend their days clad in yoga pants, nurses can do the same, and still look fit for the medical world!

It’s important for nurses who are moving about all shift long to wear comfortable scrub apparel. With yoga pants, you’ve got the comfort, the flexibility and the awesome freedom of movement that yoga pants afford you.

Something else that’s appreciated about yoga nursing pants is the waistband. As one nurse puts it, “I like the waistband on the yoga scrubs, since I don’t find myself having to constantly pull them up or tighten them throughout the day.”

The only problem about yoga pants is that usually, they haven’t got any pockets. That’s why we’ve created yoga scrub pants! With these nursing uniform pants, you’ve got all the pros of yoga pants, plus the practical uniform features every nurse needs (like pockets!). You can’t get better than that!

This pair of Barco Grey’s Anatomy Yoga Pants 4276 is one great option if you like comfortable, fabulous looking scrub pants. It has four spacious cargo pockets for your instruments, and a knit waistband with an adjustable drawstring. And not just that: It has a trendy, modern fit that will keep you looking hot all year round!

Another terrific choice of Yoga nursing pants is the Wonderwink 5514 Yoga Uniform bottoms. Fun and fabulous, and ultimately practical, this pair of Yoga pants is a great way to feel awesome while staying competent! Check out the slimming double-fold knit waistband, which can be worn up or down (you choose!), and the snazzy flared leg design, which adds even more fashion detail to these pants. The vented hems allow for even easier movement, and double-needle stitching allows you to enjoy this fabulous scrub for as long as possible.

Whoever knew looking stylish in scrubs could feel so comfortable? Athleisure is knocking the heels off the fashion industry, and scrub styles are following the trend!


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