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Guide To Scrub Pants for Student Nurses

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Student nurses, congrats on your acceptance to college! Now that you’ve chosen a career, there are even more choices to make: Which notebooks to buy, which classes to study harder for, which scrubs to purchase.

So, about the notebooks and the hard classes, I won’t really be able to assist you, but when it comes to scrubs, I’d love to help!

Let me share with you exactly what every student nurse MUST look for in scrub bottoms.

1. It has to be comfortable. When you choose scrubs, check which fabric it’s crafted from. If it says there is Spandex in there, you’ve got a winner! Spandex means that it has a comfortable stretch, which is so important when you’re moving around.

2. You are going to be on your feet a lot. To prevent uncomfortable pulling at the bottom of your legs as you walk, choose scrub bottoms with side slits which allow for easy motion, like these scrub pants.

3. Pockets, pockets, and more pockets! You need a place to keep medical gear, but it has to be within reach. The best way to keep your instruments at your fingertips even when you’ve got your hands full is to put them in your pockets! The more pockets, the better.

4. Personally, I love when my scrubs have a drawstring, so that I can adjust the size to exactly what I need each time I wear it. It make life so much more comfortable.

5. This one is basic, but really important: Before you purchase your scrubs, find out what the dress code is in the hospital your working in, and only get scrubs that follow these guidelines. And know that when you show that you’re a serious nurse who follows the rules, you’re automatically making a good impression.

Keep these tips in mind when purchasing scrub pants, and you’re sure to find a super scrub bottom that’s just how you need it! Happy shopping!


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