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Halloween Costumes Done Right

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Halloween is tomorrow. (Cue the haunting music.) Halloween is tomorrow and you still don’t have a costume. (Dramatic pause.) Nope, I don’t profess to be a psychic; you’re just like every other nurse out there who hasn’t had a minute to even think about putting together a semi decent costume. Not to worry, though, you will show up to that Halloween work party tomorrow and knock the socks off of all the Donald Trumps and Pokemon Go characters milling about. Here goes!

1. Annoying Family Member

You don’t need me to tell you how to play this one out, so do your thing! Mother, father, sister, brother, daughter, son, cousin, great uncle…. These family members come in all shapes and sizes so choose your pick and do me a favor pretty please. Be sure to make your rounds asking everyone if they’re sure they know what they’re doing… The clincher? ‘You know, I’m in the medical field.’ I promise you the laughs will roll in:)

2. Upper GI and Lower GI

Grab a coworker who’s as costume-less as you are, ‘cuz you need a buddy for this one. One of you will go as the upper GI and the other, as the lower. Upper GI wears a camouflage top, while lower GI wears a camouflage bottom. BOO-ya! You’re costumed AND clever all in one. You’re very welcome!

3. X-ray

This one’s simple and on point. You do the typical skeleton top with a frame you can wear from your neck. Halloween related? Check. Medical related? Check. Easy? CHECK! That’s key when you’re short on time. Ain’t it???

4. Joint Commissioner

It’s the joint commissioner. Da-duuuum… Attire is business casual, and a name tag is absolutely mandatory. Plus, it’s got to include as many acronyms and initials as you can fit on it. Y’know, for added effect. Then it’s game time. Make your rounds and take everyone and anyone to task for their posture, gait, eye color, costume choice etc. Oh, and do the whole ‘come early, stay late thing.’ You may just be mistaken for the real thing!

5. WebMD

Remember when everyone dressed up as Facebook? I think Instagram’s all the rage now. In any case, you’re going to be WebMD. Now there’s the boring, ‘I’m a website’ thing, or there’s the hilarious, ‘WebMD is the only thing that can turn the common cold into the deadliest form of cancer,’ thing. You, my dear, are going to take the latter approach. This means dressing up as a ‘page’ from WebMD. But it also involves walking around asking everyone to describe their physical well-being and in response, spewing out the craziest diseases you can think of.

There’s that, folks! And if you still can’t manage to get your act together by the time Halloween makes its spook-tacular entrance, you can always don your good ole’ medical scrubs and go as the overworked nurse. Happy Halloween!!


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