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Happy Feet, Nurse to Keep

by | Feb 9, 2014 | Celeb Inspired Threads, Footwear | 3 comments

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Ever feel like your nurse shoes don’t match your fashion taste and sense of style? You’re not alone. Nurse shoes are not quite, err shall I say, the sexiest of shoes? That would be understatement, of course. What seems to be the biggest complaint with footwear for nurses is the bulkiness. Shoes these days are more of the sleek, slim nature. And those clogs and sneakers are just not.

There’s no way to opt out of nurse shoes – we know they’re a need. The bulkiness actually supports those tired nurse feet after a long 12 hour shift. And when those feet of yours are cryin’ mercy, your shoes must be there to comfort them. ‘Normal’ every-day shoes on the other hand, won’t do your feet justice. Not by a long shot.

How to stay comfy and stylish with professional footwear you ask? Believe it or not, there are professional footwear out there that are super comfortable and do showcase style. Many of them have that dash of design that’ll show your genre. Whether it’s Breast Cancer Awareness shoes, zebra print, chrome colors, colorful linear design or leopard print – there’s one for all.

Actually, you really wouldn’t be lagging behind fashion-wise if you were to choose the leopard print ZONE shoes. Just a few days ago Cierra Ramirez wore these awesome leopard print pumps to the Family Equality Council’s Los Angeles Awards Dinner which took place at the Universal Studios Globe Theater. Double award winner Cierra, paired those 5 inch pumps with a haute red dress. Ohh, love it!

So next time your contemplating shoe shopping for your professional side, consider this. Your feet will thank you and be singin’ praises all shift long.


  1. Kay Adams

    Thanks for the helpful post. 5 years as a nurse, I love the Dansko and Cherokee, they are very stylish and comfortable, and super light, too. I also heard that the crocs are very good, what do you think about them?

  2. Eliza Cranston

    Thank you for the information on fashionable nursing shoes! I agree that medical clogs can be really comfortable but don’t always look professional or suit my style. I’ll look into some professional footwear with more personality as you suggest. Do you know of any nursing shoes that come in metallic colors?

  3. Pamela

    Great post Rebecca ! As a nurse myself using comfortable shoes is indeed a determining factor when it comes to reducing back pain and similar problems associated with standing all day . Bookmarked for future reference .

    Thank you


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