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Heidi Klum & Flexibles Scrub Top

by | Oct 4, 2013 | Celeb Inspired Threads, Cherokee Flexibles | 0 comments

Heidi Klum


I know, I can’t either believe it. America’s Got Talent is over! AGT Fans know the competition was stiff at the end. It seems like the contestants really gave it their all but you know how it is – they can’t all win. However, I do think the judges win every time. All four judges brought their own grace, energy, beauty and definitely fashion to the table. Which in my opinion, never failed.

Nick Cannon, the charming host of America’s Got Talent, always looked sharp as a tack. I wouldn’t be surprised if his rhinestone shoes can light up a dark alley. Britain’s Mel B has not repeated the same extravagant hairstyle all season long! Oh and Howie Mandel! He’s definitely entertaining in his unique, humorous and captivating way. It seemed to most as though Howard Stern wore almost the same thing all season long. But his opinions were far from vague and universal. Howard has been so outspoken and at the end of the day, very clever.

Week after week beautiful Heidi Klum impressed America with her gorgeous apparel and enchanted us with her German accent. On one of the Live Shows, Heidi wore an unbelievably dazzling blue dress. The low-dropped v-neck ensemble is encrusted with light blue, turquoise, and hunter green circles of all sizes. Her sleeves are flirtatiously see-through, adding even more attractiveness to her appeal. A black belt with silver detail add the perfect amount of flair and figure to her get-up.

Cherokee Flexibles 2850C scrub top by Cherokee Scrubs is ridiculously similar to Heidi Klum’s snazzy blue dress. It’s got all the colors and circles on Heidi’s dress in addition to the v-neck and belt style which can be seen on the scrub.

So although America’s Got Talent is over, the results definitely linger…


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