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How To: Look Great with a Minimal Amount of Makeup

by | Jul 21, 2013 | Beauty Banter | 0 comments

Natural looking Makeup Application fro Nurses

Natural Looking Makeup Application for Nurses

As nurses you need to uphold certain standards, one of which includes makeup that resembles your natural appearance. The understanding behind this is you need to uphold a modest persona, one that was established years ago and continues today. By now you’ve realized that in this profession you end up  interacting with various people from all different walks of life. With little or no makeup you should surely be able to relate to them all. Here are some expert tips for fresh, flawless makeup that looks, well, like you’re not wearing makeup.

Determine your skin type so that you can choose the appropriate products for your skin. Zero in on those problem areas, such as a pimple covered jaw line or uneven skin tones, so that you can purchase the right beauty solutions to cover-up these spots. You can even out your skin tone and hide your blemishes without making it obvious that you are wearing makeup. The secret is a tinted moisturizer. No need to feel self conscious about a bad ‘skin’ day! Instead, embrace your natural beauty, enhanced by the natural appearance of a light make-up application.

Apply a light or clear mascara to enhance those lashes and bring out those baby dolls! If your lashes are very straight, you should curl them to better emphasize your eyes. You can also try false eyelashes. Some of the brands out there really look realistic, but add amazing length and volume.

Choose a blush which is very similar to the color of your cheeks when you pinch them lightly. Remember to select a cream colored blush in warm peaches or pinks to give skin a natural, subtle flush. Apply the blush in the contours of your cheeks so that it will retain an overall natural appearance.

If your lips are well looked after, an addition of lip gloss or lipstick is not necessary. If you would like to add a bit more definition you should wear a nude lipstick or a slightly rose colored lip stain. If you simply add a coat of clear gloss you will still look beautiful.

Remember, make up should be used as an enhancer. As a nurse you do not need to be excessive in your application. You are a medical professional who prides herself on looking great. Light makeup along with great looking scrubs set will automatically make you look hot.


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