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Talk about appropriate timing! American Horror Story just celebrated their 100th episode and made a grand ole’ costume party to mark the occasion. Where, you may ask? At the Hollywood Forever Cemetery in Los Angeles, of course! Where else?! The show’s past and present stars joined together for this epic night out, and while some attended in full on crazy costumes, (I’m talking about you, Kathy Bates!) others kept it simple, chic, and yet totally on trend. Like my girl, Emma Roberts.

Ever since Emma’s first appearance in Season 3 of Ryan Murphy’s horror anthology, she’s become his go-to young actress and has been brought back to the show numerous times as different characters. In fact, she currently plays Brooke Thompson in Season 9. And get this- she’s nice!!! If that ain’t indicative of something monumental, I don’t know what is! For all you AHS newbies, I’ll have you know that Roberts always, and I mean ALWAYS plays the mean girl. We’ll just have to wait and see.

In any case, Emma’s a favorite over at AHS so obviously she was at the party. She chose to go in a mini, black, taffeta dress by Vivetta, featuring off the shoulder, short sleeves and a giant, silver heart dead (get it??) center. What I love about this piece is that it’s playful and sweet, yet at the same time it’s dark and edgy. Such a great choice for this particular event! She paired her winner of a dress with black, pointed, Louboutin pumps and kept her brunette locks loose, tousled, and parted down the center for an effortless look that didn’t detract from the focal point; aka, her dress. The same went for her makeup. She sported a winged eye, nude lips and overall clean look. Emma, you did good!

Now it’s your turn. If I’m being perfectly honest, I had a dilemma. Do I take this look literally and find you ladies medical scrubs with an actual heart print, or do I show you a look that has the same vibes as Emma’s dress?? Spoiler alert; I chose the latter. The Heartsoul v-neck scrub top in black is the perfect way to channel Emma’s AHS 100th episode party look. It’s black. It’s sharp. And then it has this gorgeous curved v-neck that’s 100% reminiscent of a heart without actually being a heart, giving it that ‘sweet’ factor. Pair it with your favorite black scrub pants and voila! YOu’ve got edgy, cool, and sweet all in one!!


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