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Introducing… Our All New Website!

by | Mar 27, 2015 | News & Promos | 0 comments

blogThe magic of a makeover! Are you a believer? I am. In fact, I’d like to turn you into one too, by introducing you to the completely revamped Medical Scrubs Collection website. We took our existing site, combed through its nuances, asked as many of our dedicated customers as possible for feedback, and then…voila! Just kidding! Through lots of hard work, many long hours, and a stunning collaboration of talents and brains, we managed to turn the Medical Scrubs Collection website into a top notch site! Allow me to do the honors of walking you through some of the major changes that have been implemented in order to make your shopping experience as enjoyable and as hassle-free as possible.

User Friendly Design:

They say, ‘Go big, or go home!’ Well, we had no intention of doing the latter, so BIG it is. Larger images, bolder buttons, and brighter colors make selecting the product of your choice a real pleasure.  In general, our new site has a more modern and up-to-date vibe to it, and it is incredibly clean cut. Additionally, for your convenience we’ve created an information packed header and footer, which you will find on each and every single page on the site. Nope, there’s no getting lost with us!

100% Price Match Guarantee:

Did someone say ‘lowest prices ever??’ Oh, that would be us! All humor aside, Medical Scrubs Collection has the most competitive prices on the web. Now, should you so happen to come across an item that is- gasp!- cheaper than the identical item on our site, we are fully committed to offering you a price match. Try us; it works!


No one wants to be a cliché. However, being unique in the medical world, or should I say, looking unique in the medical world, is a wee-bit difficult. That’s because everyone wears the exact same scrubs. Stand out from the pack by having your medical group’s logo and the names of each member embroidered on our scrub tops, jackets or lab coats. There are SO many fonts, and SO many colors to choose from. And if you don’t have a logo, that’s okay too; we can do stock logo embroidery!

Easier Checkout and Returns:

Remember how it was on our old site? Please don’t. Yup, checkout and returns was, for lack of a better word, inconvenient. Welcome to Medical Scrubs Collection 2.0, where everything is simpler and quite frankly, a pleasure to use! Our checkout and returns processes now follow a streamlined, step-by-step approach, and pssst, I’ll even let you in on a little secret… Creating an MSC account will further speed things up. With a personal account, we can pull up all the saved personal information you need in order to place an order or complete a return.

Email a Friend or Share Your Wishlist:

We’re all about sharing here at Medical Scrubs Collection. If you like a product, why keep those sentiments to yourself? Let your favorite people know through a quick, little email! We even allow you to add a personal message before you send your ‘likes’ traveling through cyber world. If you’re like me, though, and you like way more than one item, I’ve got an option for you. Save all your favorite scrubs to your very own MSC wishlist and then send your entire wishlist to someone who cares.

Gift It:

Gifting is no simple task. What to get? Will they like it? Is it worth the money? The simplest way out of all this is to just buy a gift card. We sell virtual gift cards that are sent via email to the email address of your choice. No major decisions on your end. All you have to do is choose the amount of money you’d like to spend and insert an optional personal message.

At Medical Scrubs Collection our goal is to keep our customers happy. We’ve pulled out all the stops with this site and hope you can see that:) Feel free to share your comments below; we thrive on feedback!




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