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It’s Floral and You Know It

by | Mar 27, 2014 | Celeb Inspired Threads, Cherokee Runway | 0 comments



Spring has come, look out there’s the sun! Oh oops, that’s not the sun – well umm it’s supposed to be there. Okay then, I guess I’ll patiently wait for its arrival. While I wait though, we ought to bring the spring festivities up a notch, celebrate and dress as though spring weather has actually arrived. Shall we?

It has come to that point of desperation where I’ll actually fake it until we make it! I’m so done with the winter weather, winter clothes, and winter blues. You with me? I’m ready as ever to soak up the sun, wear flimsy floral outfits and skip through fields of heavenly green grass.

I’m going to take a wild and somewhat educated guess and say that Ahna O’Reilly’s favorite color is green. It seems like green, actually all shades of green, is the most predominant color she’s worn. In this photo of the attractive actress at the 2014 Film Independent Spirit Awards, O’Reilly is wearing an Elie Saab super elegant jumpsuit. She is definitely whipping out her sexy looks, no ifs and or buts! And it’s packed with green, just sayin’.

Yeah, Elie Saab might be a bit over your budget, or mostly anyones’ for that matter, but you can do this too! In the spirit of awaiting spring weather (ever so patiently, of course), the Cherokee Runway floral top is almost a replica of the botanic jumpsuit Ahna wore. Pair the springy top with cream scrub pants and you got the whole look going! It’s that easy.

You anxiously awaiting spring weather as much as we are? Or are you from the lucky South? Sound off in the comments below! (#coldweatherproblems)


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