Jazz Up Your Scrubs With Some Embroidered Detail

This must happen to all of us. Any of you confuse the personality of a fictional TV character with the personality of the actual actor? I mean, I still think Mandy Moore is God’s gift to humanity from the movie ‘A Walk to Remember’ back in 2002. So it’s really not surprising that Lena Headey has had hateful comments hurled at her like “OMG, you’re so evil!”, or even being called some four-letter words when recognized. I guess confusing an actor’s personality really is just a compliment, in disguise, to the actor’s talent!

She may seem downright cunning, rash and even wicked in the Game of Thrones, but Lena Headey has proved otherwise in her real-life interactions. Headey spoke out against animal abuse on multiple occasions and supports PETA publicly. She candidly takes those spiteful comments with stride, like a true, principled Queen would do. Queen Cersei on the other hand, makes audacious political decisions and treats people with utter barbarity – clearly the reason for hostility towards Lena’s character.

Originally British, Lena is an undeniably superb actress. (And hey, who doesn’t love an English accent?) In the photo above, she is wearing an uncomplicated yet intricately and beautifully embroidered black dress. Simple? Check. Stylish? Check. Smart? Check. And that’s how we were inspired and drawn to the Cherokee embroidered scrub top. It’s simple, and quite fashionable with the dainty embroidered detailing.

So whether you are Team Cersei to the point of madness or not, dressy and cleanly jazzed up scrubs are the way to go. Fashionless scrubs are just nay. Newsflash: it’s 2014!

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