Jennifer Aniston and Mary Engelbreit Scrubs

If you haven’t yet watched the movie “We’re The Millers”, you should! It’s a side splitting, hilariously funny movie starring Jennifer Aniston. A ‘family’ travels to Mexico to smuggle drugs back into the United States for reward of thousands of dollars to split amongst the four of them. From a fake baby, a spider bite you-know-where, overheated RV, to comical romance – this is by all means a must watch movie.

It’s always good to see good old Jen back on camera! Her beauty and acting skills are impeccable and so entertaining. Recently, in the European Film Premiere of her new movie “We’re The Millers” in London, England on August 14th, Jennifer Aniston wore this adorable dress. In case you haven’t seen it – we’ll show you! It has flowers on it but somehow does not seem floral! It’s a more artistic looking print – pink flowers on grey background with an additional layer at the bottom of the dress. The layer coming out from underneath is beautifully contrasted; the same pink flowers on white background.

We love Jen’s dress because it’s not heavy, it’s light but still speaks volumes without abusing the flowers. With floral prints it can get really tricky. Especially on dark colors. They can sometimes look overdone with too much detail which gives it a drab, ugly tone. Not this one! Great choice Jennifer!

Meanwhile, on the other side of the planet is a scrub top made by Mary Engelbreit. It’s beautiful and balanced but speaks volumes. Pink roses on grey background is all it is – yet somehow it looks more exquisite than floral. It’s the M3077 Ever-So-Cute print top. This scrub top is so similar to Jennifer Aniston’s dress, it’s hard to believe, no?

Now we dare you to compare! What do you think of Jen’s dress? How about the Mary Engelbreit scrub top? Let us know in the comments below.

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