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Jennifer Garner Goes Raisin Colored!

by | Oct 25, 2013 | Celeb Inspired Threads, Grey's Anatomy Scrubs | 0 comments



This year’s fall colors are absolutely gorgeous! Red, rust orange, hunter green and raisin are but a few. These colors speak warmth, comfort and beauty. What more can we ask for? What’s also cool about this seasons colors is that it compliments most everyone. Deeper colors are bound to flatter any figure. It’s interesting that each color can bring out something beautiful in every person. Be it green eyes, darker skin, pink cheeks, or even brown eyes – these colors bring out the color in people’s faces!

Grey’s Anatomy scrubs, inspired by the hit TV show¬†Grey’s Anatomy, debuted their Fall colors and boy did they make it! Amber, ocean, raisin and nickel are the rage right now! They are deep, warm and stylish colors that still express vitality without being drab. Raisin is a muted wine color mixed with purple and a tinge of grey. It sure is a beauty!

Looks like Jennifer Garner got the memo of this seasons colors! Actress, producer and mom of three, has been seen wearing an absolutely stunning raisin colored dress. The sexy strapless dress is simple and straight all along the front reaching down until the ankles. The back of the dress is where the flair lies – cascading chiffon ruffles extending into a stunning train. Longtime husband Ben Affleck must have adored the look!

Go for it – get yourself some raisin scrubs that will compliment your figure and bring out your beauty. With the added comfort and stretch of Grey’s Anatomy scrubs you’ll be appreciating how you look and feel!


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