Joe Goes Bold!

Joe Jonas

Let’s switch it up a bit, shall we?? Today…we talk men’s fashion! That means all you murses out there (and I know you’re out there!) better be paying veeeeery close attention! And who better to school us in high fashion than Joe Jonas himself? Joe rose to fame as one third of the pop rock band, The Jonas Brothers, and is now killing it with his recently formed band DNCE. Oh, and he’s got major swag. Seriously, though, Joe Jonas has probably got the most covetable male wardrobe out there right now.

I can sense it. You’re wondering what inspired the switcheroo; the quick switch from female fashion to male fashion. First off, it was high time we inspired the men on our unit with #fashiongoals. After all, scrubs are not just for women. If I were to be 100%, brutally, truthfully honest, though, it was THE LOOK. That’s right, Joe Jonas recently stepped out on the West Coast sporting the ‘it color’ of the season, in the ‘it jacket’ of the season, made of the ‘it fabric’ of the season. And I’m talking a bright as sunshine, yellow bomber jacket in a lux velvet! S-W-O-O-N! Yellow has shown up on the men’s runway countless times this season- Hermes, Gucci, Alexander McQueen… And Joe did his super cool bomber justice by pairing it with ALL black. Talk about a stark contrast- I am absolutely loving it!

So here’s the deal, menfolk. I couldn’t NOT pass on this lesson in epic fashion. But on the flip side, I couldn’t find a yellow scrub jacket (insert crying emoji here). So I curated an ‘almost’ Joe Jonas look. I promise you’ll look just as fly:) Say hello to the Cherokee Workwear V-neck Tunic in a super cool yellow we call Dandelion. Pair it with the Landau Warm-up Jacket which mimics the bomber in its elasticized cuffs and collar, and wadaya know, you may find me fan-girling over you the next time we meet. Oh, and make sure you get the black, for that super cool contrast!! That’s THE LOOK my friends, and you are super duper welcome!!

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