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Jogger Scrubs; All you Need to Know About Them

by | Jan 11, 2021 | Nurse Reads, Scrub Spotlight | 0 comments

Jogger scrub pantsThey’re chic, they’re super comfortable, and they are all the rage in the nursing scrub world; they are jogger scrub pants.

Jogger scrubs arrived on the scrub uniform scene just a short year or two ago. At first, only a couple of scrub brands offered the jogger scrub, but then it quickly gained popularity, and within months there were multiple jogger scrub styles on the market. They became such a sought after product that manufacturers couldn’t keep up with the demand, and customers had to wait months to receive their jogger scrubs. These days there are jogger scrubs for women, as well as men’s jogger scrubs, both made by many leading scrub brands.

What makes the jogger scrub so popular?

You may be thinking, we are just talking about a medical uniform, why all the hype? But scrubs these days are no longer just a mandatory dress code, they have become a way of expressing your style and individuality, just like with regular clothing. There are loads of fashion scrubs on the market, with styles often mimicking current fashion trends. So now you can be a great healthcare professional, and a super fashionable one as well! How cool is that?


Jogger pants in general are acclaimed as one of the most comfortable types of pants. They’re basically like sweatpants, but without the thick fabric which allows for more breathability and less sweating; just perfect for the active medical professional.

Some worry that jogger scrub pants don’t give off that professional vibe that every doctor wants to impart. But these days casual is the name of the game, and it has become totally normal to see nurses, as well as doctors, sporting a pair of jogger style scrubs. They are definitely more popular amongst the younger healthcare professionals, so you probably will not find a senior doctor wearing them, though you really never know!


Although anyone can wear jogger scrubs, and everyone should absolutely experience the great comfort that joggers offer, to be brutally honest, they are not the most slenderizing pants on the market. But no worries! There are many plus size jogger scrub styles on the market, with many coming in sizes all the way up to 5XL in order to accommodate those who wear plus size scrubs.


Joggers have been trending for the past couple of years, and this style is still going strong. Some say that they are the new jeans. They are outselling leggings, a go-to comfy pant choice, so it’s fair to say that they are here to stay. What was once strictly considered gym wear is now worn to literally all occasions. There are pieces that are perfect for loungewear, but there are designer joggers that are made to be worn as evening wear as well, and everywhere in between. So no matter your style, you can become a jogger scrub gal or guy today!


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