Julianne Hough: Ravishing in Red

Julianne Hough

Well here’s some food for thought… Does the ‘American Dream’ truly exist or is it a mere figment of our elitist mentality?? And by the ‘American Dream’ I mean the belief that anyone can come to America and achieve the success they’ve always craved, if only they work hard enough. Think about it… And while you do just that, I’ll have you know that there’s actually a TV show centered around this very concept. Yup, it’s the one and only America’s Got Talent. Talent from across the globe take their turn on stage and vie first, for the judge’s approval, and then, for America’s collective hearts. And whether the American dream is a real notion or not, this show, which airs every summer, is very real, and very popular. In fact, AGT is currently on its 14th season, and just this past week had a red carpet event for the live taping of the quarterfinals.

Before I get into that, though, I’ll have you all know that if I had to choose a favorite judge, it would hands down be Julianne Hough. She’s beautiful, kind, insanely talented in her own right (can you say dancer, singer and actress??), and yes, she’s one of the newbies this season!! But no matter, I think she found her groove quite quickly and is well liked by the viewers and contestants alike. And I especially love her fashion sense! She knocks it out of the park with each and every ensemble and her red carpet choice for the quarterfinals taping was no exception. She chose a red, sequined, Lilou mini dress, that boasted dolman sleeves, a plunging v-neck, and shirring at the waist. She chose red sandals to match and had her shoulder grazing blonde locks done in a side part with tousled waves. See?? I told you she’s one to watch on the fashion scene!

Here’s the thing. I would never leave you hanging when it comes to a great fashion moment. But I do need to make a disclaimer regarding my ‘perfect pick,’ inspired by Julianne. See, my ‘pick’ is a unisex piece. GASP!! I know, I know… I’ve written in the past that men should wear men’s scrubs, and women should wear women’s scrubs. Why?? Because that’s what looks best! But in this case the unisex piece works great! So here’s my disclaimer: While I may be advocating a unisex look here, this does not in any which way mean that I condone wearing unisex scrubs on the daily. With that being said, may I present you with the Cherokee Workwear unisex v-neck scrub top. In red obviously. And what makes this a great ‘inspired by’ piece is the v-neck, dolman sleeves, and overall relaxed fit of the top. In this case it just works. I’d recommend pairing it with a pair of narrow scrub pants to kind of offset the oversized look; much like the shirring at the waist of Julianne’s dress does. And the rest is up to you. A cool, tousled pony, some red clogs… whatever you heart desires. After all, you’ve gone to school and have a respectable career; isn’t that another version of the American dream??;)

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