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Keep Calm and Tee On

by | Dec 13, 2013 | Celeb Inspired Threads, Cherokee Workwear | 0 comments



It can get cold in scrubs. The short sleeves and year-round, thin fabric of scrubs can really get to ya. Especially in the winter months when it’s blustery and snowy. All you want to really do is wear warm winter turtle necks and wool cable sweaters. It comes to a point where even an ugly Christmas sweater will do! Fine, maybe just a scarf. Oh, but one small problem – scarves aren’t allowed.

Frustrating, eh? Keep calm because we have the solution. Tees. That’s all you need to keep you toasty and warm. You can either get the tees in colors matching to your scrubs, keep to the basic black or white, or even bring on the color-blocking. The selection of scrub tees are virtually infinite ranging in color, design, and fabric. You can choose ribbed fabric, embroidered detail, burn-out design or just keep it simple!

We chose to feature the Cherokee Workwear scrub tee since it is the most similar to Sara Jessica Parker’s tee. She wore her ribbed tee to pick up her twins from school! Casual but still put together, Sara Jessica Parker was spotted. From the picture above, doesn’t look like she was too happy with the Paparazzi.

She’s had a busy, public life so it’s not hard to understand why she would want some time away from the camera. Starting young, Sara Jessica played in Broadway shows like Annie and The Sound of Music. As a budding superstar she shone with ballet which later turned into acting, singing and producing as well. She really hit the jackpot on her role in Sex and The City!

So if you’re getting chilly at work and are looking for a scarf alternative, do tees. You’ll be happy you did! Slip them under your scrub top and you’re good to go.


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