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Layered Up & Ready

by | Dec 17, 2018 | Beauty Banter, Healthy & Happy, Nurse Reads, Scrub Spotlight | 0 comments

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You know those days when you walk outside and a blast of cold air hits you in the face? Ouch! That’s when I know that it’s time to layer up, with booties, leggings, a warm scrub jacket, and cozy underscrubs.

This winter is going to have a lot of those frigid days, and who knows better about the importance of layering up in cold weather than an experienced nurse?
Seriously, we nurses have got to care for ourselves properly, so as not to send a trail of coughs and germs traveling behind us throughout our shift. (No one would enjoy that; not our patients, and definitely not us.)

This winter, let’s do our best to stay healthy and happy, and ready to heal others!
The best way to do just that is when you’re clad in coziness, all wrapped up and ready to face whatever the weather may bring.

So, today I’ll share with you just a few options of super warm, wonderfully comfortable underscrub options available to choose from.
See which one you like best!

Wonderwink Layers Women’s Silky Long Sleeve Underscrub Knit Tee-2009
No scratchy tags on this tee! It’s super soft, and remarkably comfortable. The long sleeves allow for even more warmth, which nurses really appreciate when they’re cold. It comes in lots of colors; take your pick!

Wonderwink Women’s Printed Long Sleeve Underscrub Knit Tee-2179
This fun underscrub is flattering and unique, and deliciously cozy. It has thumb holes at the cuffs for snuggly warmth, and a soft feel all around. Let your style shine through with this patterned scrub tee!

Wonderwink Layers Women’s Printed Raglan Underscrub Silky Tee-2309
This one’s my favorite. Fun and fashionable, and warm, as well, this raglan scrub tee comes in a variety of fabulous designs, each awesome in its own right. If you believe in fashion first, this scrub tee is just what you need!

This is just a quick peek at some of our underscrub options; you’re welcome to check out our full layering collection for many more fabulous cozy choices of underscrub tees.


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