Lupita Nyong’o Struts Her Stuff

Watch out world, this girl is on fire! Ever since her recent debut in “12 Years a Slave”, Lupita Nyong’o has gone from zero to one hundred in the eyes of the critics. Hailing from Kenya, this girl has it all. Stunning, tall, poised, elegant and striking fashion taste to boot.

She’s always had these impressive qualities but hasn’t been recognized until recently when her name blew up and landed on all magazines and tabloid covers! And boy, you can tell she works hard. I mean, do you see those chiseled biceps? She worked consistently at her career – and boom! she made it.

What is so very fascinating and beautiful about the 30 year old actress, is her appeal in eye-catching dresses! “Patsey’s” bright colored choices make a bold statement in contrast to her dark skin color. And by all means, she is owning the red carpet!

In a conversation with The Daily Beast, Lupita said, “I love color and gravitate towards solid block colors… I like clean lines and a classic look, but I also like to have a sense of humor and wear things that put a smile on my face.” We all could have said that verbatim even before she herself said it… she definitely flaunts it.

In last night’s 45th NAACP Image Awards , Lupita Nyong’o arrived in an electrifying orange pleated dress. The top of the fashion-icon’s dress boasts tiny, intricate pleats and the bottom flows with bigger accordion pleats. She went all out with orange – from her orange shimmer eye shadow, the matte orange clutch, orange pumps and even her mani-pedi! Well done, Lupita, well done.

Nurses, don’t be afraid of color! Take the lead and go bright with orange scrubs. No matter your skin color, it’ll look fabulous. Don’t trust us? Trust Lupita Nyong’o then.

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