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Mandy Moore Makes Her Comeback!

by | Jan 15, 2017 | Celeb Inspired Threads | 0 comments

Mandy Moore

On the off chance that you missed this mega news, I’ll have you know that Mandy Moore is having a MAJOR moment right now. And here you thought 2017 was all about you- HA!! As the star of NBC’s newest hit show, This Is Us, Mandy was nominated for a Golden Globes for Best Supporting Actress in a Series, Limited Series, or TV Movie category, for her role as Rebecca Pearson, a happily married mother of three. Quite the typical role until you actually watch the show and realize that said role spans decades. To be more precise, Mandy plays a young mother, and alternately (thanks to some makeup magic!) a 66 year old grandmother. So yeah, nomination totally justified! And for those of you who don’t know the red carpet from your grandma’s shaggy brown carpet, let me tell you that not only was this nomination well deserved, but lucky for us it brought Mandy out of a 6 year Golden Globes red carpet hiatus. The comeback, though, was worth every minute of the wait!!

Mandy Moore is Mandy Moore. Tall…refined…graceful…a true Hollywood fave. And her stunner of a gown, designed by the one and only Naeem Khan, did every aspect of her persona pure justice. Made of a delicate, navy chiffon, this Grecian style gown hugged her curves in all the right places, and featured a plunging (and I mean, PLUNGING!) neckline as well as a gorgeous sheer cape that reached the floor. That’s right- she pulled off a CAPE!! Her beauty look? Super simple! Minimal jewelry, a smoky, dark eye, miles long lashes, and soft waves tucked ever so delicately behind her ears. I’m getting serious goddess vibes over here, you guys. She may not have taken home the gold, but in my books Mandy Moore won the night!

So here’s the thing. Mandy looked breathtaking. I mean, it was a total stop-and-stare moment as soon as she stepped onto the red carpet. But what truly caught my attention from this whole look, was that cape. Yeah, I kind of glossed over it before, buuuuut a CAPE, people! Superheroes wear capes! And you know what they say about nurses, don’t you? Nurses are superheroes in scrubs! That being said, I told myself I must get you guys the scrub version, and here it is:) The Grey’s Anatomy 3 Pocket Mock Wrap scrub top in Indigo, has got to be THE most elegant scrub top out there. It’s crafted out of the finest fabrics, is durable, versatile, timeless, features a v-neckline (sorry, no can do on the plunging part), a feminine fit, and most importantly will make you feel good. Pair with any Grey’s Anatomy scrub bottom, keep the hair and makeup simple, and if your manager lets you get away with it, rock a cape! Mandy Moore, is that you??;)


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