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Maternity Scrubs – All You Need to Know

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Congratulations! You just got a positive read on your pregnancy test confirming your niggling suspicion that good news is on its way. Emotions run high with excitement, you feel a bit nervous (don’t worry, it’s normal!) and anticipate the coming of the new addition. Although it may not be time to go maternity scrub shopping just yet, now is the time to get to know the ins and outs of pregnancy scrubs because before you know it you will be popping out of your regular scrub pants.

When Should I Shop for Maternity Scrubs?

This is really different for each individual, but as you feel your stomach start to expand and your favorite scrub pants begin to feel a bit uncomfortable you know it’s time to hit the scrub store. For many, in the first few months of pregnancy their regular nursing scrubs should fit fine, and they may even get a bit loose if you are suffering from morning sickness. But as you reach your second trimester your pants should start feeling a bit tight and your scrub tops will start pulling at the chest and stomach area.

Why Not Just Size Up?

Many ask this question, why not just size up? It seems pretty straight forward, my body is getting bigger, so go for a bigger size in my favorite scrubs. But as you will soon discover the sizing up in regular clothing will not always fit properly and will probably not flatter your changing figure or allow you to look great at this exciting stage.

Maternity scrub pants and tops are designed specifically with the comfort and figure of the pregnant women’s body in mind. With regular clothing, a size up will provide more material in all areas of the garment, with maternity scrubs you should shop your regular size, but just head over to the maternity section. Maternity scrub tops often come with an adjustable drawstring at the front or back so you can look and feel great with a well-fitting scrub uniform that you can make a bit looser as you get larger. Maternity scrub pants are usually made with a soft knit panel at the waist that will naturally stretch as your belly expands throughout the months, allowing you to work in comfort.

Our Favorite Picks!











The market of maternity clothing has changed ladies; no longer does maternity clothes mean shapeless ugly clothing. You can now wear fashionable scrubs even while pregnant!

Now let’s talk actual maternity scrubs! 

Whether you only wear Cherokee Workwear Revolution or are a Grey’s Anatomy scrubs fan, we’ve got some great maternity scrubs for you! These days more and more scrub brands are making maternity scrub options. There are quite a few Cherokee maternity scrub choices, made by the sub-brands Cherokee Workwear and Cherokee Flexibles. Landau Uniforms, Wonderwink and Med Couture also have some beautiful maternity scrub sets as well.


Check out the super popular Med Couture Activate maternity scrub pants and top for a high quality and stylish maternity scrub set. The Cherokee Workwear Professionals straight leg scrub pant-WW220 is also an extremely well liked choice. Pair these scrub bottoms with the Cherokee Workwear Professional WW685 mock wrap scrub top for the perfect maternity scrub set.


There are also tall maternity scrub pants for those who need a larger inseam, and petite maternity scrub options for those on the shorter size. And of course there are loads of color choices so that you can easily find scrubs that match your scrub color requirement.

Although the pregnancy stage can be uncomfortable at times, keep your eyes on the goal and know that good things are coming sooner than later. And a comfortable, well fitting maternity scrub set will make things so much more pleasant.




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