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Medical Scrubs Collection Acquires Murse World

by | Jul 5, 2018 | News & Promos | 0 comments


Great news! Medical Scrubs Collection recently announced a new acquisition that will bolster our ability to expand, grow and continuing delivering industry-leading service for medical professionals across the nation.

With the acquisition of Murse World, the world’s largest men’s scrub store, we’re taking the opportunity to share our passion for medical scrubs and provide a better experience for our customers, new and old alike.

Here’s the official press release:

LAKEWOOD, NJ: The owners of AvaCare Medical and its sister company, Medical Scrubs Collection, have recently announced their most recent acquisition of Murse World, the world’s largest online men’s scrub store.

With this purchase, the company intends to bring their online expertise to Murse World to grow on the previous successes of their previous owners. In addition, they hope to use this acquisition as a way to provide their current customers with more value.

Based on the term coined for male nurses, Murse World is the first and only medical scrubs store specifically geared for male nurses, doctors and other medical professionals. By focusing exclusively on male customers, Murse World ensures that their customers have a wide range of options so they can always find what they need.

“We see this as an opportunity to grow our market share in the Medical Scrubs industry as well as to get into this growing demographic of male doctors and nurses,” says Steven Z Zeldes, president of Medical Scrubs Collection and CEO of AvaCare Medical.

Mark Bakst, CEO of Medical Scrubs Collection and CFO of AvaCare Medical, says, “This acquisition brings a new dynamic to our company and allows us to offer our current male customers with a wider selection of products. This is a very exciting development for us.”

About Murse World: Murse World is an online medical scrubs store for men, providing masculine designs in an area of apparel that has previously been severely lacking in men’s options. Their wide selection, excellent prices and hassle-free returns and exchanges have made them a favorite one-stop-shop for thousands of male medical professionals across the nation.


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