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Men in Scrubs: The Guide

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Alright, ladies! You had your time in the spotlight. In honor of June being Men’s Health Month, I’d like you to vacate the stage and allow the men of the health industry to step forward! That’s right. When it comes to scrubs, it’s (almost) always all about the women. However, men wear scrubs too; and they deserve to hear the same tips and tricks for choosing the perfect set of medical scrubs that you gals get fed on a constant basis. So here we go! Let’s show our men some love with these four basic rules of scrub buying:)


Here’s the thing. Scrubs are work clothes; not wedding attire. Duh. Which means your best bet when it comes to scrubs fabric, is polyester. Over the years, particularly because of the technological advancements man has made in the textile industry, polyester has become synonymous with easy care and high performance. Yes; even more so than cotton. And here’s why:

Wrinkle free? Check.

Moisture wicking? Check.

Stain resistant? Check.

Won’t shrink? Check.

Retains color? Check.

And the list goes on. Wear them, wash them, dry them and be on your merry way.

As an aside, make sure the scrubs you choose are as comfortable as possible. I’m talking tag-less tags, superior stitching so that it’s comfortable against your skin, deliciously soft fabric etc.


Just as women’s bodies come in a gamut of shapes and sizes, so do men’s bodies. Which is precisely why unisex scrubs are a no go. As a man, you need a set of scrubs that will look good on your manly frame. For starters, men’s scrubs should have straight lines and angles to accentuate the strong male figure. Details such as squared off chest pockets, as well as stitching at the shoulders can further enhance your masculinity. And to keep things professional, the v-neck should never extend below the armpit line. Uh-uh!


Put your scrubs to work for YOU!! That’s right; it’s 2019 and there’s no reason why your nursing uniform shouldn’t protect you from your work environment. Hospitals and medical facilities are a breeding ground for germs, but with the right scrubs you can carry out your job with ease. Cherokee, for example, has an antimicrobial line of scrubs called Code Happy, which features antimicrobial technology that minimizes the growth of any bacteria you may come in contact with while on the job. Oh, and the kicker? These scrubs are odor minimizing as well!


Add a little pizazz to your work clothes by personalizing them! Most scrubs have the fun option of embroidery. Whether you choose to add your name, your initials, your titles, the medical practice you work at or its logo, embroidery is an easy and inexpensive way to really make your scrubs your own. Plus, it’s a great conversation piece. Your patients can learn a lot about you simply by observing what it is you personalized your scrubs with.

And there you have it, gents. The 4 F’s of scrub buying. Happy shopping!


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