Michael Phelps For The Win!

Michael Phelps

Well here’s a slew of trivia questions for you! Who is the most decorated Olympian of all time with a grand total of 28(!) medals? Who holds the record for the MOST Olympic gold medals ever? And last but not least, who holds the record for the most first-place finishes in a single Olympic Games? Hint: He’s a swimmer;)


You got it; Michael Phelps, that’s who! And considering his loooong laundry list of accomplishments it’s no wonder that he was recently honored with the Nickelodeon Kid’s Sports Choice Legend Award. This award in particular is reserved for those athletes considered to be the greatest role models for kids. Former recipients include David Beckham, Derek Jeter and Kobe Bryant. So yeah, you get the picture.

Before the awards show began though, there was obviously a red, er, I mean orange carpet. And the who’s who of the sports world put on a pretty good fashion show I have to say. But the one individual who stood out to me was Mr. Michael Phelps himself. You know I love all you murses out there, which is why I’ve been keeping an extra special eye out for you at these high profile events. And all you ladies, don’t whine, you’ll get a turn next time! Michael Phelps’ look was SHARP! Plain and simple. No gimmicks, no crazy bling, just super clean cut and put together. I’m talking navy blazer over a navy button down, a pair of crisp white slacks and some super cool navy Pumas. The. End! You don’t get fresher than that ladies and gents. In my books, that is the perfect summer look for any guy hitting up any formal destination.

So here’s the thing, summer may be a time for vacation, but nurses work all summer long. Which is why they need a cool, summer look. Michael Phelps to the rescue. All you need is the Grey’s Anatomy High V-neck Top in the color Twilight, and the Grey’s Anatomy Derek Elastic Drawstring Cargo Pant in White. Dunzo! Mr. Cool is in the house! Oh, and if you’re really feeling the look I described a paragraph ago, throw on a pair of navy sneaks or clogs for good measure. And you know what… If you ladies are being attacked by the green monster and just can’t contain yourselves, I give you my full permission to steal this look. You’re welcome!

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