Miley at the Met

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Miley Cyrus

For as long as the word ‘camp’ has been in my vernacular, I associated it with sleeping bags, tents, and late-night barbecues under the stars. Then the 2019 Met Gala happened, and it was as if the entire fashion world seemed to be mocking my plebeian take on this apparently multi-faceted concept. See, in 1964, Susan Sontag, an American writer, penned an essay under the title, ‘Notes on Camp,’ where she defines camp as, “love of the unnatural: of artifice and exaggeration.” That in turn inspired camp fashion which can range from ironic to humorous to overly exaggerated. No, I don’t profess to get it; but these are the facts!

As you can imagine, this theme managed to arouse the wild side in certain designers and celebrities. I mean, Katy Perry was a chandelier. A CHANDELIER!!!!! Whatever; next. But some celebrities seemed to nail the theme in a way that they managed to capture the essence of camp and at the same time look incredible. Case in point; Miley Cyrus.

Miley is no stranger to wild. (I’m lookin’ at you, 2013.) Which is precisely why I always expect the unexpected when it comes to her fashion choices. And she did NOT disappoint at the Met Gala. Her Saint Laurent mini dress was the peeeeerfect blend of campy fun and glamour. Of maximalism and sophistication. It was super sparkly, yet textured and structured. It was black. But it was also green! It was fun, but glitzy; youthful, yet polished… And yes, I know those words don’t all belong in the same description; but over here it does! And it was incredible! Also, we have to talk about her tights and her shoes. Hello there, sheer, black, polka dot tights and sky high, vegan, platform sandals. Arrrgggh! Again with the edgy and the glamourous all in one. I really should stop torturing myself with this amazing juxtaposition, but I’ve got to discuss hair and makeup. Simply put, it was understated. She wore her hair straight down with a fringe bang, her makeup pretty much consisted of just a cat eye, and the focal point of her jewelry were some long statement earrings. Genius, I tell you.

As is obvious, we’ve got great inspiration here! But try translating ‘camp fashion’ into scrubs… I’m pretty sure that wouldn’t fly with your superiors, (unfortunately!) The thing is, Miley’s dress as just a dress, is a fashion statement in and of itself. So go ahead and snag yourself the best scrub match out there! Aka, the Cherokee Workwear Mock Wrap scrub top in hunter green and contrasting black piping. I promise you’ll be the talk of the hospital halls. Feel like going bold and a bit campy by cutting a fringe ala Miley? Be my guest! The trick is to make the look your own. You’ve got a great base piece in this functional yet feminine medical scrub top, and with the right hair, makeup, and accessories you can really take your ensemble to the next level.

Happy camping!


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