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Military Memorial Day New

by | May 25, 2015 | Holiday Cheer, Nurse Reads | 0 comments

He walked in that first day with the telltale ramrod straight back, tightly laced boots, and fully dressed in his camo. Steve was one of our instructors during our EMT course, and he was also an army medic. Our best instructor, Steve was everything a child dreams of in a soldier – smart, courageous, sharp, and tough. He knew his stuff cold, having worked in dangerous combat situations, and he expected a lot. As the months passed, we came to appreciate the sacrifices Steve made as an army medic, the time away from his wife and children, and the grueling nature of his job. My EMT course was many years ago, but Steve’s impression has remained with us all. He taught us about more than tourniquets and backboards; he taught us about what it really means to live your life for your country.

This Memorial Day we pay tribute to those who have fallen and we recognize the ultimate sacrifices made by military nurses and medics. This day is for you. We can only say thank you for your service.



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